Project Stoel Lida Heutink


Introduction: Project Stoel Lida Heutink

Step 1:

Teken het zij patroon op een stuk houd. Dit hoef je maar 2 x te tekenen.

Step 2:

Schuur de randen even grof glad

Step 3:

Teken de achter plank en de korte voor poten plank over en zaag deze uit vergeet niet om deze ook even te schuren.

Step 4:

Zet de achter en de voor poot plank met schroeven vast ( zie bruine plaatsen )

Step 5:

Maak van de 1x1cm laatjes de zit plaat. Heel het rode gebied moet vol gestapeld worden met laatjes over dwars. Je zet de latjes vast met houd lijn en spijkers.

Step 6:

Step 7:




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    Leuk ding Lida, maak je hem ook in het groot?

    I believe that this language is Dutch....possibly ... the doubble ee and oo's sort of indicate it might be Dutch....

    I believe I am right in saying that Instructables have to be posted in English, or at least with and English translation.

    4 replies

    And I believe, that  you are wrong in saying that :-). 
    According to point 2.8 Instructables can be posted in other languages.
    If you are interested in isuue of multilingualism of Instructables please search the comunity forum.

    fair enough. I just remeber something to do with them being in English only. I could copy and paste into google translater but i don't even know what language this is, i could probably work it out or look at the authors location but it would be easier to just say the language if you don't want to translate it for people.

    mdog93: I also didn't recognise this language but Uncle Goggle told me that this is Dutch :-)

    An more generally: Once upon a time there was a discussion among Instructables community about possibility of translating someone else's Instructables. Maybe someone should put this idea back to life.

    hhmmmm, maybe you could be just that somebody... :P

    That is a really nice chair, well done!