Project Tres: Official Video





Introduction: Project Tres: Official Video

I finally got round to finishing the video. Just watch it, you'll see.

My latest and third (successful) ball machine/tower, and the follow up to uno and dos.

It features 4 paths, and reaches only about 3 ft tall. This has churned up about 3/4 of my pieces, and is so reliable that it has never failed me before.

It uses a few elements, including a new one I like to call the "black hole" on the fourth path. This is the first ball machine to use it, and in the future project quatro I will make much more use of it.

It includes:

  • basic pathing
  • yellow slides
  • ferris wheels
  • black hole
  • path separator
  • wave drop
  • spiral
  • jumps
  • gaps

All in about 3 ft of ball machine.

I'll try to make instructions soon, but it may be a smidge too big.



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    Are you gonna post or wat because ive been wating forever!!!!

    I'm making instructions right now! I got permission! Just wait.

    same, its getting really annoying!

    i wanna make it, but now i dont because ive gottin the skills to make my own...

    ive made like every ball machine on ibles! lolz!