Projector Mount and VGA Cat5 Cable Extension for Home Theater

Picture of Projector Mount and VGA Cat5 Cable Extension for Home Theater
For the past few years I've gradually added new solutions to my home theater setup. I started years ago by making audio cables for a digital music station and then later purchased my first LED TV and attached it to the computer. With advances in digital TV and movies I decided to get rid of cable TV and only purchase internet. Currently, all of my media needs come from the computer and internet alone. 

About a year ago I bought a projector and would set it on a coffee table linked through a 20' VGA cable to project across the room. In order to have sound with the projector I realized I needed to build an amplifier (might post another instructable for my modified lm386 amp some day). I got tired of stringing the VGA cable across the room and setting up the amp every time I had movie night, so I finally broke down and made a projector ceiling mount. 

My original intention was to go wireless and purchase a wireless presentation system, but soon realized that these can cost anywhere between $100-$300. I did a little research and ended up spending about 45$ on a composite wireless transmitter and VGA to Composite converter for the computer. This did not work very well and with other tests with composite DVD players, even when it did work, the 2.4ghz signal had tons of interference.  After pulling my hair out for a couple of days and some research on Instructables, I came across an Instructable for producing a cheap VGA cable for long distances. I figured I would give this a shot and ended up making this work very well. The following Instructable will document the process I went through to produce this projector mount and cable. 

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