My name is Jennifer and I love fashion.  I am about to enter this dress in a fair in Victoria British Columbia.  It 100%  ductape and took me a long time.  What do you think?
<p>This is very nice-I'll add it to my collection!</p>
Jennifer I think it's amazing and that you have done a FANTASTIC!!! job : )
Sooooooooooooooo pretty!!! I will be making this for my prom and one for my BFF when it is prom time!!!
How did you do that?! That is awesome!
this is awesome. I think maybe tints of green and blue instead of red maybe...? <br> <br> <br>-grayjay's sister
I think that looks great. I've always wanted to make a dress out of duct tape, but I think I need to start with something a little smaller and a little less complicated. Lovely job.
very cool! <br>

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