Picture of Prom Night Shooter
Dashing and daring,
Courageous and caring,
Faithful and friendly,
With stories to share.
All through the forest,
They sing out in chorus,
Marching along,
As their song fills the air.

Gummi Bears!!
Bouncing here and there and everywhere.
High adventure that's beyond compare.
They are the Gummi Bears.


Here's a fruity tasty layered shooter for all those who like tropical drinks.  The layering is a simple result of varying densities in the liqueurs/liquors.

Note:  Don't drink if you're underage.

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

Picture of Ingredients and Tools
You'll need:
-Shot glass
-Grenadine (Density: 1.18)
-Coconut Rum (Density: 1.04)
-Red/Orange Gummi Bears Soaked in Triple Sec

Note:  Add gummi bears to a glass mason jar.  Fill mason jar with Triple Sec until the liqueur is 1-2" above the gummi bears.  Soak at room temperature for 12-24 hours.  The gummi bears will double in size.  Be sure to slosh the gummies around in the jar every so often or else they'll stick to one another and will tear when you try to pry them apart.
can we use something else instead of coconut rum? lmfao
paganwonder5 years ago
Added to my favorites!  Thanks for the 'ible Red!
AngryRedhead (author)  paganwonder5 years ago
Nice, and very pretty. I went to a party thrown by a bunch of sorority girls several years ago, and they were serving something very much like this, only without the Gummi Bear. Oh, and they were using highball glasses. They called it a "Pink Panty Pulldown".

That was a great party. I think....
Sorority girls, ah yes- "So one time at...."   LOL
AngryRedhead (author)  RavingMadStudios5 years ago
I'm hoping they also used ice.  Phew.
Oh yes, there was ice. I attribute my survival of the party to the ice, in fact. Those drinks wuz strong.
l8nite5 years ago
I haven't seen the gummibear trick before, I'll have to remember that
AngryRedhead (author)  l8nite5 years ago
The final texture of the gummi after soaking is amazing.
lemonie5 years ago
(The Gummi Bears were Disney weren't they? Boy did they suck...)

AngryRedhead (author)  lemonie5 years ago

And yes, Disney's Gummi Bears totally did suck.