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So all i did for this was find a drill bit that was the same thickness as christmas lights by testing them on a piece of wood, measured out a piece of plywood, and hand drew the letters on. Then I measured the lights to be every two inches and got to drilling :] I then put in the lights and taped the back with duct tape. Im gonna use this next week to ask someone to prom at my bonfire party. The wood isn't painted but it would look better in the daytime if it was, but it will be dark so thats less work for me. I spent about an hour from the idea to the finished product. I hope this inspires you to make your own, be creative!


dotman57 (author)2014-04-15

How many feet of lights did you end up having to use?

meeko (author)dotman572014-04-29

I don't remember exactly. It was a couple of strands of lights.

roulopa (author)2012-09-12

how come no one ever commented on this great prom proposal!?

Well done, you have a great heart!

meeko (author)roulopa2012-09-28

Thanks so much for the compliments! I wish this one was more popular because I want them to be inspired to do their own things like this, even just to ask a girl out.

meeko (author)2012-06-09

So the night of asking her, I nailed two 5 ft 2x4's to it and sledge hammered the whole thing in the ground in my hay field. It wasn't noticeable even in the moon light because it was somewhat near my hay wagons and other farm equipment. I had extension cords going all the way to where it was from my house and had a timer sort of thing that would turn itself on at whatever time that I set it to.I wanted it to be a real surprise and sporadic instead of having to flip a switch or connect the extension cords. So I set it for about ten. As it got closer to ten, I made sure it was in her view; she was talking to me so I faced away from it so that she would turn her body and face towards it. She was in mid-sentence when it went on and she said yes! She said it was super cute and she was genuinely surprised. I never did catch the rest of the story she was telling me, but I have an amazing one now :]

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