how i made a Data cube from the movie prometheus,

I did a quick prop make while i was waiting for supplies to arrive for another prop i was making so i decided to make the data cube from the film Prometheus.

here is how i did it.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


1mm styrene or something similar.
2mm or 3mm clear plastics. i used acrylic. if you can find frost plastic it would be great.
glass frost spray paint. if you can find frosted plastic you dont need this.
spray paint in general, plastic primer, under coat and a silver grey for the finish.
 3mm warm orange LEDs the correct resistors for the LED
wires and battery clips.
small press on press off switch.


cutting tools. ie hacksaw, knife etc.
i had access to a laser cutter but if you dont you can use many online services that will cut your files then post them to you.
files and sand paper.
plastic glues. (solvents are dangerous please take care and follow all instructions on the glue)
epoxies, super glue any thing you like. personal preference, what you feel most comfortable with is best.

soldering iron and flux.

<p>I always happy to see sci-fi gadgets replicas:) Nice work!</p>
I think they just spray painted a rubix cube, lol. Wait....is that a Tri-Force?
add a spot in the back for a usb stick, and use an extender cable to plug it in.
Dude that's cool as
You should put a usb drive inside and wire it to a micro usb port in the emmiter thing.
i was thinking exactly the same thing. not in the emitter though. i was thinking the back. but that is slightly above my knowledge. maybe next time :)
I was gonna get angry because you sacrificed a Rubic's Cube. My bad. Nice job :)
Pretty cool! The movie sucked, but this is really neat!
FYOU because he migth just named it ALIEN the origin
True, but you don't need to say &quot;FYOU&quot; to get your point across
ok now, this isn't a movie review or debate page. and foxworror i think he was saying 'FYOU' to 'I am the Chosen 0n3 ' as he said GTFO. <br> <br>so lets all play nice.
ok, i am sorry if i came across as rude or aggressive
I found this on the web when trying to get more details of the movie.. is this you? <br>http://www.therpf.com/f9/prometheus-data-cube-scratch-build-152097/ <br>http://sorenzoprops.blogspot.com/2012/06/prometheus-data-cube.html <br> <br>Kim
Nope. That's not my work. That's by a guy called Sorenzo.
Ha yep it is supposed to be 20 mm thanks for the heads up
Shouldn't the panels be 20mm square and 1mm apart/
I never saw the movie, but that is pretty sweet looking!
thank you for doing this. Do not let other people thwart you because they do not understand your logic. Well done.
Thank you for a great idea! It would be awesome to wire the cube to touch sensor, or maybe even wire each of the 36 small squares to individual touch sensor. This way, you could make it light different symbols depending on which side/square you are touching - that would make the cude so much cooler!
work of art my friend! How do you know what materials work best with the items your making, you impress me with how well you choose your supplies.
thanks. <br>the way i choose my materials is mainly experiance based on my knowledge of the material its self but there is some guess work and trial and error.
Dang, I haven't heard of the movie, but that is completely sick looking... <br>Ok, I just googled it, I can't believe I'm just now learning about this movie. You've done me a solid!
Seriously it looks cool I plan to make one this weekend
this is pretty cool! at first i thought some on just put a light in a rubix cube and painted it, I was pleasently surprized to see how it was made, thanks!

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