In this instructable I will show you how to make a bone saw, saw that you can connect to any electric screw driver (the safest option) a power drill (not a good idea if you make any contract with skin)  or even a simple screw driver with changeable bits.

*****DISCLAIMER*****  do not use this blade on any power drills or dremels, only use this on a low speed low torque power screw drive ..I'm not responsible if you some how hurt some one! PLEASE USE COMMON SENSE, even though with is a prop and not sharp you could still hurt some one.

so that being said proceed with caution

I made this drill a few years ago but I felt like I had to make an instructable since people always ask me how I made this.
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Step 1: What you'll need


You'll need a 1/4" Hex to Square Adapter or an old screw driver bit.

A dremel with a grinder wheel / cutting disk your choice  OR  some metal files for some grinding.

Some metal epoxy / Gorilla glue epoxy or epoxy putty.

Part of a floppy drive motor- optional but helps hold in some epoxy and it looks cool.

The metal saw blade from the ronin battlebots road champs kit

Some red and black paint to get rid of some of the shininess

A cheap powered screw driver

Step 2: Where to get the fake sawblade

They do not make battle bot toys anymore so, the best place you can find this kits made or still in box would be ebay maybe craigs list, amazon, yard sales good will and so on.

JUST MAKE SURE ITS RONIN pictures of it below

  Iapologize for not having my own pictures of this but my kit broke in like 2005 or earlier and I didn't make this till 2009
tinker2343 years ago
wow very nice
lol, the thing is, in real life, bonesaws don't cut skin xD
sillyzombie666 (author)  Toastalicious4 years ago
and? i never claimed they could