Prop Guns for Cheap


Introduction: Prop Guns for Cheap

Want to learn how to make realistic looking prop guns for your own films and don't want to blow the bank? Check out this step by step guide to making prop guns from only a couple of quid.



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    nooooo! It's a video!

    AWESOME!! put more vids on!!!

    Off topic but was that a Gorillaz Plastic Beach poster behind you?

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    Sho is :D Thats a great album

    Nice vid on modding! Since you're a prop guy, just a quick note of history:

    The design of your "futuristic BB Gun" is that of RoboCop's Auto-9 machine pistol, which was heavily modified from its original base gun of a Beretta m93R pistol- your toy being a smaller (perhaps half?) scale replica in comparison to the original prop. The Auto-9 makes occasional appearances in other movies like Sin City, and has become a very popular design for airsoft pistols.

    Cheers, and keep up the good work!

    Not really making prop guns, you just found some...

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    But it's cheaper than making them from scratch? I'll edit my description anyway :D

    No, you're very correct. Making them from scratch, would not look that great, would be time-consuming, and would be too expensive. I've actually found a very good cheap gun. It's the buzz bee toys ruff stuff pistol.