A primer on working with Wonderflex thermoplastic, by Elemental (amended).

Step 1: What Is Wonderflex?

Wonderflex is a type of thermoplastic that is shaped with heat. Thermoplastic has been around for a long time, but unlike other forms of thermoplastic you don't need to put this in your oven, and it doesn't smell like burning DEATH when you work with it. (It's non-toxic too, which cosplayers tend to ignore for their hobby, but is a nice side bonus anyway). It is also unique because, on the bias (diagonal line) it will stretch when heated, allowing full, round shapes and bell curves.

It has a mesh grid inside the plastic which allows it to stretch on the bias unlike other plastics.  One side of the plastic shows the grid (a texture similar to duct tape) while the other side is smooth plastic with an eggshell-like texture.
Can I sew wonder flex on to cloth material ? I'm doing a Lucinda cosplay from Grimm fairytales so nothing to heavy.
Is it possible to make Cloud's buster sword with it?
<p>It's possible but the hardest part is probably attaching the hilt to the sword do to its size</p>
I love thermoplastics!!!<br>It's really sad that not everyone understands about auto mail from fullmetal alchemist
Can you post details on how to make arm and leg armor cause I plan on making a doctor doom costume in the future and this would be the 1st time that I would be using this material?
Is this material terribly expensive?
U r to tall to be Eedword!!! <br>
Nice grammar!
i was thinking of using something like safety plastic for a cyber-punk gas-mask, but now im gonna use this stuff. :D thanks!
You used thin string to get the gems to float, right?
Yes, it's 'invisible' fishing line.
Wow, great instructable. I had never heard of &quot;Wonderflex&quot; until this 'ible and know I want to go get some!

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