Introduction: Prop

These props can be used in any kids parties, Halloween parties,etc. This is one easy method to make props. Image shown is the image of fest where we set up our own stall.. So we decided to do some thing out of the box.And we just came up with this.

Step 1: How to Make Popcorn and Kitty Prop?


Cotton, White Sheet, Colour pens, Stick or straw, Paint (water colour), newspaper, Cardboard and glue.


  1. Firstly, take white sheet and make a paper bag out of it or you can use ready made paper bag. Fill half of the paper bag with crushed newspaper and the upper half with cotton.
  2. Once you are done with filling start making cotton balls and paste them on the top of the cotton filling. Let it dry.
  3. Now, draw a kitty on white sheet and cut the outline. Paste the cut-out on cardboard and cut out cardboard in the shape of kitty.And attach straw or stick behind card board.
  4. By then the glue would get dry. Take yellow paint and paint on the top of the cotton balls (do not use water while painting)



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