This instructables will show you how to build an inexpensive Vario, that could speak the altitude and
of course send various tones when changing the height of your sailplane.

Some features:

- voice and tone
- use your own (wave-)samples in your language
- wave-samples stored on sd-card
- switch via rc between altitude-voice/vario-tone/off
- automatic announcement of altitude in hundred meter steps
- audio frequency output, you could use your own radios,PMR,FRS,baby monitor or whatever
- the Microcontroller will automatically switch on the radio and "press" the TX-button
- uses 5 Volt from rc-receiver

Here's my first Video, voice output is in german yet, but i 'll upload English voice-samples

Step 1: What you need

What you need:

- Parallax Propeller Microcontroller (-board)
   i use cluso's CpuBlade because it is the smallest and lightest board
- (Micro-)SD Card + Socket
- Pressure Sensor Modul MS5611 on Breakoutboard
- some caps and resistors, see schematic
- you could use a stripboard or my layout for a PCB
- for the radio link:
  i use a pair of PMR/FMR Walkie Talkie (15-20 $/Euro on Ebay)
  up to 5 km Distance
- Programmer FTDI USB-TTL ( e.g. those needed for Arduino)
- wave-samples and firmware, see next steps

Can we make a FPV sailplane with ardupilot to program like find thermals in 3 kilometer radius to climb without what meter we find then fly what we need then if we want to climb it again push a button and climbs. <br>I have an idea like this <br>Using Ardupilot - minimOsd - Sailplane EP - extra Variometer sensors - speed sensor - Fpv Equipments - UhfLRS . But dont know how to start.
I added a second binary file for using a normal sd card instead of a micro sd. <br>This is only important when using my pcb.

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