Propagate Succulents From a Leaf





Introduction: Propagate Succulents From a Leaf

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In this instructable I will be showing you just how simple it is to grow succulents from cutting.I would greatly appreciate if someone could tell me what type of succulent this is that i am using as an example.

Step 1: Collecting the Cutting

When collecting the cutting gently twist the leaf making sure it comes off in one piece. Try to pick the healthiest leaves possible this will ensure the cutting has the best chance of survival.

Step 2: Preparing and Planting the Cutting

Leave the cutting until it has scabbed over on the end. Place the cutting in a pot full of seedling mix or sawdust and water with a mister bottle.

Step 3: Let It Grow

Enjoy your succulents have fun and keep on growing.



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    What did you cover it with in pic 2 of step 3? Sawdust?

    How long did it take to get to the third pic?

    Does temperature matter? Sunlight?

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    I covered it in sand like a mulch it took about 3 months to get all of the photos I covered in this and temperature does not matter overly if it is below 15°c I would recommend putting it in a hothouse or near a window