Picture of Propane Bottle Jack o' Lantern
The humble Propane/LPG gas bottle not only looks great as a Lego dude, but can also can be brightened-up as an awesome Halloween prop.
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Step 1: Paint your Gas Bottle

Picture of Paint your Gas Bottle
I started with a camp stove propane bottle that was already yellow from the factory, but it wasn't quite orange enough to be a pumpkin. I gave it a wipe with turpentine to remove any grease and dirt, and then sprayed it with orange paint.

To protect 
the gas connections from being painted I used the spray can lid to cover them.

To create the face I sourced an off-cut of black adhesive vinyl from a local sign company for $4. 

Step 2: Decorate your Gas Bottle

Picture of Decorate your Gas Bottle
Once I'd created my Jack o' Lantern design I printed it out and taped it over the black vinyl and then cut the design out with scissors.  As I didn't have any transfer tape I then had apply each of the vinyl pieces separately onto the bottle.

Step 3: Enjoy your Jack o' Bottle

Picture of Enjoy your Jack o' Bottle
I hope the Jack o' Bottle adds some extra fun to your Halloween festivities.

Cheers, Icedvovo