Step 3: Reinstall the Gas Bottle

Picture of Reinstall the Gas Bottle
Wait for the paint to dry and then reinstall the bottle back onto the BBQ. Then sit back and enjoy how much cheerier it makes any barbecue area.

I hope you've enjoyed this Instructable.
brugwine3 years ago
that's way awesome , but don't you turn the tanks back in to get a new one ?
lbrett brugwine3 years ago
It's still way cheaper to refill them at a local farm store or propane shop. WAY cheaper!
wizcling683 years ago
Way cool!!!! I bet it's a hit with the kids.
ksaharia3 years ago
Simply fantastic.
PACW3 years ago
This makes me happy. Thank you.
fazgard3 years ago
Seriously, that's very cool.
monsterlego4 years ago
That's awesome!! :D