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Introduction: Propane Powered Bike

This is a video of my propane powered bike. I chose propane as the fuel for several reasons. First i didn't want to deal with having to charge a battery on an electric bike. Also, I didn't want to deal with the yearly maintenance of a gas powered bike. I have enough of that with my lawn mower and snow blower. Propane gave me many benefits. It runs on the 1lb propane tanks which makes it easy for me to carry additional fuel. I refill my 1lb bottles from a 20lb propane tank, so I am not wasting the empty tanks. The end of year maintenance is as simple as disconnecting the propane tank and running the engine until its out of gas. This usually takes about 15 seconds. To prepare it for use after storage is check the oil and attach the propane tank. I have had this for 3 seasons now with no problems. I love this little work horse. I bought most of the parts need to build this from "Staton-inc". They were a great company and helped me with many of my questions.  The whole build took me 1 weekend and then a little bit of tweaking the following weekend.  I am entering this in the Bike Contest, so please vote if you like it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.



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    The ford pinto was a car that when hit exploded. This seems like the bicycle version of that. If a full or semi full propane tank is hit in a bicyle/car crash are you saying it won't explode? I have been hit and the bicycle as just a hunk of metal does enough damage to your body.

    If you get hit by a car on your bike does it really matter?

    Propane tanks are extremely safe. Unless you toss it in a fire or intentionally try to explode the tank it just wont happen. The propane tank is made of a heavier gauge steel than the ones you find on gas bikes. The propane cylinders are designed to be safe. I appreciate your concern on this matter, but the only real danger with riding this bike would losing control while riding at a high speed, and hitting the ground.  That is why I try to keep the speed under 20mph , and I wear a helmet.

    id be more concerned about falling and ripping the fuel line, but you would still need a source of ignition for it to be a problem.

    Propane is combustible at about 920° whereas gasoline is 495° and requires a proper mixture of oxygen. its actually safer than gasoline.

    The ford pinto of bicycles. This seems terribly unsafe

    if you want safe, build a bunker.

    Why do you believe this is unsafe? I have had both my car mechanic and the local bike shop check this out before I started riding it just to make sure it was safe. I have had no problems with the exception of having to relocate the kill switch with the bike, and I have dumped it a couple of times. Even if the motor is running it won't propel the bike unless I actuate the throttle. If you see something that looks unsafe, I am open for suggestions.

    Wow, Nice build; I was actually thinking about doing something similar, but steam-punk (tanks and piping already built in!).