Introduction: Propeller Chuck

Adding a chuck to the motor/engine of your watercraft can come in handy later. This chuck has a ball bearing water-tight machined mount attached to it, ensuring smooth rotation and a custom fit. This device is a crucial part of my 6 foot submarine drone/ROV.


aemurton (author)2015-09-14

were would i get one of those water proof bearings


bertus52x11 (author)2012-01-14

The idea of using a chuck is really smart and I never thought of that!
I'm building a human powered hydrofil and I'll have to check it the Torque is not too large to use a chuck.
Meanwhile, I have troubles getting my axis water tight. Where can I obtain this "ball bearing water tight mount" or did you make it yourself?

cypherxax (author)bertus52x112012-12-28

i lathed a cast AL mount into the dimensions i needed.
my ROV submarine will be intended to deep dive so this mount will act as a plug w a silicone gasket to squeeze the seal tight under higher outside pressure, all while the inner chamber will be compressed to equalize to near outside pressure removing the majority of the structural stress on the vessel.

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