Propeller Clock (from an Old HDD)





Introduction: Propeller Clock (from an Old HDD)

old HDD transformed into a Propeller Clock.
PIC16F876A + magnetic field sensor for counting the number of rotations.



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    But... How did you make it?

    Isn't this how it works?:

    "this days I'm busy with another proyects".... 2 years ago... are you dead?

    I am sorry, but I don't have any other photos, and to tell much about it now it would take too long.

    ... it wasn't designed as an Instructables, was just a project for school.

    replaced the platter from an old HDD with a small PCB. It has some SMD
    LEDs, a microcontroller PIC16F876A and a Hall sensor that counts the
    number of rotations. Depending on this I adjust the display of each
    rotation. That's all ...

    Looks nice, but it's not nice to share something as cool as this and not share in some detail how you made it. I'm sure you were so proud of this project that you still kept the schematics, notes, etc. Did you not?

    Can i have a schematic and pcb circuit? And part list too if you don't mind

    Hi, we are interested in using your idea as a project in the electronics department of our school. Is there any chance you could write some kind of instructions on how this project was made and possibly the code used.

    Hi friends! Where is the project and plans for it????

    SIR can u PLEASE tell me how did you make it.

    sir can u plz send me the ckt diagram and codes of this project

    sir plz send it on my mail ie