Propeller Clock





Introduction: Propeller Clock

Hi Friends,

now the propeller clock available make using 8051 controller family.

The 8051 controller is generally used in college project so u can make your own propeller using 8051,

for this propeller u required 1200RPM motor for drive it other thing for that power supply for running circuit u just make it by concept of any DC MOTOR brush supply.

Step 1: 8051

The 8051 is the 40 pin microcontroller IC which is used for this project

Step 2: Propeller Clock Circuit on Universal PCB

I have made it on universal PCB and other connection direct drag and connect with the LED's. This project suggest me Anupam Dubey to make this amazing project.

Step 3: Circuit Diagrame

The circuit diagram of this circuit is given here in Propeller Clock PDF file so download it for schematic diagram.

Step 4: PCB Layout

I have made it PCB layout in Dip Trace PCB designer software. And it given here my propeller clock PCB layout, but for my project i made circuit on universal PCB, i just upload it PCB if any one want to make it on designed PCB then can make it easily fron that PCB design. And this design for 8051 only

Step 5: Programming

Programming and its hex file given here so you can directly burn your 8051controller ic using suitable ISP/loader. I used for programming Keil Programmer and for burn ic I used Flash Magic loader, for that you can use the

mikroC PRO for 8051 for programming and its flash burner also available with its setup file.

Step 6: POV Propeller Massage Display Using Atmega16

Now I've made my new POV propeller display using atmega16, you can also make it using atmega8 for more cheaper and easy and compact.

Step 7: Circuit and Coding

Step 8: Method for Codding Your Massage

In POV Massage display generally two type of circuit can build, one was Active High and other was Active Low.

As we know about this concept so active high circuit make LED on when that gives logic "1", and active Low circuits make LED on when logic "0" is applied. So as far that concept here figure given for make your own code for your massage.

Step 9: Source Code of All Word for All Active High Condition

This source file providing for writing any name any sign in POV propeller display.


This code for ACTIVE HIGH circuit only if your POV display you made in active high mode then simply past this code for all word and any provided sign in PDF.



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i have implemented the ckt but as output i am getting only 8 concentric circles ( 8 LED's) not the time . I am not able to find the faults . The ckt not showing the time . Now what I have to do? Plz tell me. Plz reply me fast as fast as u can.

Ur speed may be slower as required. Plz use more speed motor for correct display, and are u connect correctly your photo and ir pair as require

i have connected every connection in proper manner but my 8th led is not glowing why?


have you check this one??
actually we make/coding for only 7 LED's if you want to glow you 8th LED you just make little bit of changes in massage code any you can glow it also. :)


Bro.. I have made this project.. It's really cool and interesting. However I am having a problem. While I am connecting the vcc of the microcontroller and led to the 9volt battery with the help of connectors.. Everytime I am getting different output. Sometime all leds are glowing, while sometime the output is coming properly.. It's really frustrating. Few times, I have to connect the connector to 9 volt battery like 20-30 times just to get the proper output.. And then it comes.. Can you please help me.. what should I do..?

how will it detect the blade postion ? in one of the circuit diagrams you mentioned ir led photo diode ? how does it work ?

sir plz tell me about the list of all components and there exact values

you need
1ps-atmega16 or atmega8
2ps-ceramic capacitors
1ps-pc coller fan
and a PCB.
and for its value please check circuits.

the project is very well explained with proper pictures and documents attached. but, i was confused about the role of 8051 MC in the circuit.

why is 8051 used? what's the difference between 8051 and atmega6?