Propeller for Homemade Wind Turbine




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Introduction: Propeller for Homemade Wind Turbine

Step 1: PVC Tube

Take a pvc tube with about 10cm diameter and about 50cm length.

Step 2: Cutting in Two

Cut the whole tube into 2 (on the half) so as to take 2 semicircular pieces.

Step 3: Cutting in 4

Cut the 2 semicircular pieces on the half so as to have 4 long semicircular pieces.

Step 4: Cut the Propeller

Now, draw and cut the propeller as you can see on the image.

Step 5: Watch the Blueprint

You can see the draw so as to held yourself for better results.

Step 6: Finishing

In the end, cut a circular piece of wood or steel on where the propeller will be placed. Use screws and some glue to make it stronger.



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    Yes you are right thank you!

    Great idea! And, about neck, you can also heat plastic and mold it so you get flat space for screwing it on shaft, that way you don't have to cut and it will be stronger.

    Yes you are right. Another good idea for reinforcing the whole propeller is to make the blades from aluminum tube. It is very cheap and it will make it very productive.

    The "neck" of each blade is too weak, you should add a metallic rib to reinforce it.

    A few inches will be enough