This car can travel up to 40ft on a smooth and flat surface!

Step 1: Materials

1/8" Bamboo skewers
Craft sticks
Craft cubes
Long rubberbands
Masking tape
Hot glue

Great idea!
<p>This is a perfect DIY project to be done with loved ones during semester breaks especially if you have school kids at home. They get to be creative while picking up a thing or two about Science. Whilst accomplishing all that, we get to bond and promote family togetherness at the comfort of our own home sweet home.</p>
<p>What is the size of the craft cubes used? Thanks!</p>
<p>The materials list is updated with a link to the correct craft cube size</p>
Thank you - looking forward to trying this project with fourth graders as part of a module on Variables.
<p>You are awesome! I LOVE your instructables and can't wait to try some of these out with my 4th graders!</p>
<p>Nice one</p>
<p>Please answer me . I have to make it fast</p>
<p>Hello,I am living in India so I could not get the material mentioned above specially propellers and wheel .So can you suggest within 2 or 3 days</p>
<p>Greetings,</p><p>I am teaching an after school hands-on learning program for grades 5 and 6. Your projects look great for our purpose.</p><p>Where do you acquire the propellers, wheels, and other small plastic parts for your models?</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>There is a whole page in this Instructable dedicated to materials, including links to the propellers and wheels.</p>
<p>Another cool project Lance, I can already imagine the competitive fun my classes will have racing these things across the school gym. Huge thanks!</p>
Really cool please check out my instructable on how to make a compact rubber band motor.

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