Picture of Propeller-Powered Car

This car can travel up to 40ft on a smooth and flat surface!

Step 1: Materials

1/8" Bamboo skewers
Craft sticks
Craft cubes
Long rubberbands
Masking tape
Hot glue


You are awesome! I LOVE your instructables and can't wait to try some of these out with my 4th graders!

PranayC7 months ago

Please answer me . I have to make it fast

PranayC8 months ago

Hello,I am living in India so I could not get the material mentioned above specially propellers and wheel .So can you suggest within 2 or 3 days


I am teaching an after school hands-on learning program for grades 5 and 6. Your projects look great for our purpose.

Where do you acquire the propellers, wheels, and other small plastic parts for your models?


WYE_Lance (author)  christine.hess.528 months ago

There is a whole page in this Instructable dedicated to materials, including links to the propellers and wheels.

jeff.smith1 year ago

Another cool project Lance, I can already imagine the competitive fun my classes will have racing these things across the school gym. Huge thanks!

lilchumy1 year ago
Really cool please check out my instructable on how to make a compact rubber band motor.