Proper Tea as According to George Orwell


Step 5: Milk and Drinking

Picture of Milk and Drinking
Pour the tea from the pot into your teacup, leaving some room.  During this step the leaves can be strained out.  They have no ill effect on your health, so it is perfectly safe to leave them in, but the texture may be off-putting.

Now add the desired amount of milk to your tea.  It is apparently a hotly contested issue whether the milk or tea should be added first and it really doesn't affect your tea in any way, but Orwell suggests pouring the milk in last so that the amount of milk can be easily judged.

Orwell is also of the opinion that one isn't a true tea-lover unless they prefer it without sugar, saying that sugar destroys the flavor of the tea. He recommends that those who drink tea only with sugar drink it without sweetener for a fortnight (two weeks) and that afterwards they will never want to sweeten their tea again.  Personally, I drink it both ways.
St Jimmy3 years ago
I did a double-blind test with my father as the test subject to test whether or not milk before tea or the other way around made a difference. He preferred the tea with the milk before tea, and so did I. Also, I prefer my tea with two teaspoons of sugar. No more. Less is fine.