Proper Technique to Clean Eyeglasses





Introduction: Proper Technique to Clean Eyeglasses

After 40+ years of wearing eyeglasses, I've found the best way to clean my eyeglasses without scratching them.
Paper towels and newspaper contain wood fibers which can scratch your lenses. Only use 100% cotton material like a tee shirt. Alcohol can remove lens coatings and leave a fogged lens. Wash away dust from the lenses with warm water. Apply hand soap to both sides of the lens and rub gently. Rinse with water and blot dry. Your lenses will be clear and clean with no scratches.
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I've been told, but don't know for sure, that hand and dish soap both strip the anti-reflective coating from your lenses. I've noticed after I stopped using them that the coating would last longer.

There are several types of lenses and coatings but I've cleaned 2 pairs of plastic lens eyeglasses with anti glare coating once a month for the last year with no problem. Commercially available lens cleaners contain alcohol which I think would damage coatings more than soap. Thanks for the comment.

Walmart sells a lens cleaner in their optical department says it's a "Non-Alcohol formula." And you get free refills.