Introduction: Proper Lock Releasing Etiquette

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In this lesson you will be taught how to properly release a locked door using nothing but the key that fits it.

Step 1: The Find

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Tools and Method:
    What will be needed to complete this task successfully is a key, a lock which fits that key, and a helping hand.

1. Find the proper key according to the lock.

Step 2: The Placement

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2. After the completion of discovering your keys you must place the proper key in between your thumb and your index finger.

Step 3: The Alignment

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3. You now must approach the door which has been locked. With a very precise hand. Aim the tip of the key towards the opening of the lock with the teeth facing the proper direction.

Step 4: Its In

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4. After aligning the proper key with the lock opening, insert the key until it can go no further.

Step 5: The Twist

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5. After the key has been completely inserted into the lock, hold it firmly between you thumb and index finger, while simultaneously twisting your hand clock wise or from the nearest door jam(depending on lock) until your hear a pop.

Step 6: The Pop

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6.After the pop has been heard you must push the door (or pull it depending on the design of it) firmly.

Step 7: The Release

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7. After the final push or pull has been completed you must release the keys allowing for the door to maneuver on its hinges. This completes my lesson on the proper etiquette of lock releasing.


adamazing (author)2010-09-13

While the very premise of an Instructable on how to unlock a door is pretty ridiculous...I can't fault your execution. Clear instructions, appropriate photographs and 100% more interesting than most of the k'nex k'rap or the "I glued some random metal stuff to an object: STEAMPUNK!!11!" Instructables.

The twist step should include the general rule of thumb: turn the key away from the nearest door jamb. I.e If the lock's on the left, turn clockwise, if it's on the right, turn anti-clockwise.

A trouble-shooting step could be included as well, with frequently encountered problems. i.e. if the key doesn't turn, try turning the other way, if that doesn't work, check you have the right key.

dsv4724 (author)adamazing2010-09-20

I appreciate your helpful insight so I took your advice and incorporated the "key feature" (no pun intended) of turning the key away from the nearest door jam. Thanks again

PeachyPete (author)dsv47242012-02-07

JAMB, not "jam", dingus.

joshnosh (author)2011-02-14

hey im having some problems, im stuck on step 5. could you go into more detal?
please help........its cold out here

67spyder (author)2010-11-13

More troubleshooting: tight fitting deadbolts may require the operator to gently pull on the doorknob for the deadbolt to move. This is common in cold climates where the door weather stripping applies pressure to the door. I was shocked by my neighbor who was unable to let my dog out because they couldn't handle this level of problem solving (also would not have been able to navigate this site so there you go ;-).

fireraisr (author)2010-09-13

did you seriously just make an ible on how to unlock a door. I know we have a "be nice" policy but that's pathetic. The first line in this should be "If you can read this you know how to unlock a door"
wow, just wow.....

dsv4724 (author)fireraisr2010-09-20

Well you may not agree with the simplicity of this instructable, it is an action carried out daily by millions of people, and in my defense you apparently took the time to actually look at it and go through it so it must not be that bad.

DarkStarPDX (author)2010-09-14

Wow, I just flagged this as inappropriate in the nicest way possible... :-)

dsv4724 (author)DarkStarPDX2010-09-20

Thank you for taking your time to discover this life lesson

Ashemha (author)2010-09-14

Wow, I was just thinking of unlocking a door this morning. Then, I came across this and now I am sure, with proper study, I can accomplish this with your clear instructions.

Thanks for thinking of me!

dsv4724 (author)Ashemha2010-09-20

No problem, its just what I do

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