Introduction: Proper (?) Setup for Destroying AA's

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This is order to proceed to the collection of carbon rods for my various needs. Inspired by this instructable

Holy smokes. I'm wearing a Université de Montréal t-shirt with the word "chimie" (chemistry, in french) forming a molecule, and I'm about to dismantle some AA (= plenty of chemicals) with some lab googles that make me look even more like a real scientist. And the overall purpose is to gather carbon and exploit it's properties (high melting point, good conductor) which I am aware of.

Lab report:
Failure, I've only gathered a single carbon rod. Why? Well because I've pryed opened nearly only alkaline and these don't have carbon damit. I learned in the process it's those called "Heavy Duty" (even though they aren't really), more precisley known as Zinc-Carbon battery cell. I learned something.


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