Properly Stretch Before Exercise.





Introduction: Properly Stretch Before Exercise.

In this Instructable I will show you how to stretch properly before an exercise.

This shows you how to stretch the following things:

Step 1: First, Stretch Your Cavs and Thieghs.

Try to touch your toes down the center to the left and to the right. (See Pictures) You should feel a pull in the back of your legs.

Step 2: Next, Stretch Your Arms.

To start push your left arm to the right side of your body. Hold for ten seconds. Then do the same thing with you right arm to the left side. You should feel a pull behind your shoulder.

Step 3: Really Stretching Out Your Thighs.

Sit on the ground and put one leg in front of you and one leg behind you. Then lay back. This may be hard to understand so be sure to see the picture. After holding for ten seconds do the opposite side. You should REALLY feel a pull in your thighs if you are doing this correctly. You may not be able to do this the first time you try it so work your way down. :D

Step 4: Finishing Up.

Shake everything off and do some arm circles and you have now properly stretched.

Be sure to do a warm down after your exercise. Your mussels are warm and if you stop right away without a warm down your mussels will tighten up and start hurting bad. To warm down just keep what ever mussels you just used moving. Get slower and slower with your movment. After a few minutes of that you are done with you warm down. Hope I helped and don't forget to vote for me in the Burning Questions Contest. THANK YOU :D



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    What you seem to be doing is STATIC stretching. Static stretching is only recommended for cool downs after exercise. Always use DYNAMIC stretches before activity! What static stretching tends to do before an activity is program your muscles to only go so far. If during your activity you encounter a move that goes beyond the static stretch you run the considerable risk of pulling a tendon.

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