Step 7: Planting the Seeds!

Picture of Planting the Seeds!
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Planting your pepper seeds,

Time to crack out your seed germination tray! If you don't already have one, buying one is easy, you can get them at any decent hardware and garden store. This one cost me 7$ from Home Depot, with peat pots included. But you can use any type of seed starting kit out there, i know there are tons of different ones.

So, fill as many sections or peat pots as you want plants 75% of the way with your soil mix. Next, drop in 2-4 seeds in each slot. Cover about a quarter of an inch with dirt. and water to set the seeds into their new home. You should notice sprouts in 6-8 days.

Another thing is to be sure not to flood your seeds, you want to keep them moist, not soggy.

And Like i mentioned before, Pepper plants need warmth during their germination period, so if you live in an area which freezes in winter, you need to start your pepper plants indoors during winter, if you want an early harvest, otherwise wait until spring. But, if you live in a warm area like i do, starting peppers outdoors in a similar germination thingy should work fine pretty much any time of the year.

If you want healthy pepper plants, the ideal temperature for germinating peppers is 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit (27-29 C)
Pizzapie5004 years ago
I have a question: when can you put compost onto them?
howdy4096 years ago
I received a great starter seed tip from a friend in Australia. Save all of your toilet paper card board rolls. Fold about an inch from one edge up and around to form a bottom. Put in your starting soil and plant your seed. The cardboard will eventually desinigrate and the roots will be able to penetrate the card board. You can plant the whole thing just like a peat pot, when your seedlings are sprouted. This way you can also recycle and help the planet and save yourself some money.