So I am proposing this completely on theory that I have yet to test. I have looked for DIY replicas of the fountains in front of Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Most of what I found around the internet involved expensive equipment. I saw one person that estimated he spent $10,000.00 on top of approximately another untold thousands on parts he already had on hand. My proposal is a fairly inexpensive (poor mans) patio or garden pond display. I plan to attempt a build of this in the future. However if anyone has already done it / or does it before I do please comment on where to find your Instructable. I searched Instructables ahead of time and couldn't find anything.

Step 1: Planning

The first phase as always is the design phase. This is one you will do on your own. My design basically uses a premade pond liner in a raised box. Any variation would do as long as there is space underneath for your chosen air valves.
Ok, sorry that may have been a bit harsh. <br>In reality, I've actually been very intrigued by this idea. In Aerospace, we often use &quot;flow straighteners&quot; to make airflow less turbulent. As another comment suggested, this is rather like a bunch of straws stuffed into a pipe. But with water, that's only part of the issue. You also need to remove, from the water, as much of the air as possible. Air disturbs the flow of H2O. There are many ways of doing this but, on a small scale, i have been working on the idea of using a vacuum pump on the water supply prior to putting it through the straws. then keeping the system as tight as possible from that point on.
No need to apologize I didn't find it harsh at all. The baby spitting up result is what I fear I am going to get. I work somewhat work in aerospace. I am a helicopter mechanic for MD Helicopters. I don't know if you have ever looked at the NOTAR system. It is quite interesting. I appreciate any help/advice/comments on this project. I am here to learn all I can. Would it help if the launchers were right below the surface?
Given that the design of water &quot;art&quot; is based on &quot;coherent&quot; water you are doing the opposite by introducing air. I would imagine that you will end up with something like a baby spitting up! (In an artful way, though...)
I love the baby spitting up comment. Too funny. I have two boys so I am familiar with the subject. Unfortunately that is what I was afraid was going to happen. Instead of a &quot;jet&quot; or column of water I would get a blob, like a baby spewing chunks.
Since laminar jets can be made with little more than a pipe stuffed with drinking straws, why not try that ? I don't think air will do what you want.
The valve idea is a good one.<br> <br> Its the tubular jet water spray nozzles that make the display so nice.<br> <br> If we had a cross section of a working nozzle, it could be reproduced by a 3D printer.
Do you think compressed air will work. I have a fear its not going to shoot the water up in a stream like I want. Rather it will just kind of spay all over in sort of a blob. Sort of like if the &quot;explosion&quot; effects on the pirates of the carribean ride (if you have seen it). I'm afrain the only way to get a stream like I want will be a water pump. Also I am afraid that a water pump with a fast enough reaction time wont be $5.00 at harbor freight. I plan some experimentation this weekend.
That too needs a pipe shape for the water / air channel is such that it<br> resists dispersing the air until a mass of water is moving upward.<br> <br> Perhaps you have seen treasure hunters in the Caribbean ocean using air<br> to water vacuum bottom sand away from a treasure site ?<br> <br> A<br> <br>
That is something I am very much considering
I think before you build the whole thing you should build a small version to make sure your idea of using air will work.
I want to, but I have a so many projects I want to do. My current work in progress is an interactive shooting gallery. Then I have a Christmas light to music project I need to complete before Christmas sometime. I'm toying around with different Halloween deco ideas.
You should totally try this. <br>

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