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Introduction: Prosthesis (leg) 123D

In this instructable we will be making a Prosthesis for the leg. This would be a great way for sports men/women to quickly make another Prosthesis if one would break. This has great expectations for the Paralympics since it can be printed out of different materials thanks to the amazingness of 3d printers.

Step 1: Making the 2d Shape

In this step we made the 2d shape of a Prosthesis. 

Step 2: Make It 3D

In this step we use the extrude tool to make the 2d shape 3d.

Step 3: (OPTIONAL) ADD Spikes for Off Road Running or Just for More Grip

In this step we optionally add spikes to increase the grip. This would not be used in some of the following sports (Basketball, tennis, Boxing etc.)

Step 4: Add the Screws to Connect to the Leg Cup.

The leg cup is where the persons knee rests. The Prosthesis is connected to the cup with 4 screws.

Step 5: Thank You

We would like to warmly thank you if you have supported this project or have voted for us.

Kind regards (SERVUS in bavaria)
Ian & Michael



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    Hi, how did you guys snapped the small cones at a particular place. please explain in details. I am a novice.