Picture of Prosthesis with  temperature sensitivity
Our project is an actualization to the old mechanical prosthesis that exist now a day. There are a lot of prosthesis in the market that helps to recover the mechanical part of your hand but there is no prosthesis capable of getting you senses of touch and sensitivity to temperature back. For this reason we work in develop a system to get back all this senses. After a long thought we decide to publish this project so we can contribute with our part to the world. The idea is that with this we can help the people that lost this sense.

The way we manage to recover the temperature sensibility was placing temperature sensors to the hand (or Claw in the case of the prototype) and some RGB leds that lights up in different colors. By averaging the total temperatures we assign a specific color to each temperature. In this way when the object taken was between 0 to 10 degrees Celsius the hand its going to light up in a blue color, then when the temperature rises in 10 degrees the hand will become green, then pink, then purple and so on till it gets red in 100 degrees Celsius.

Our gripper was made from a budget of 130 dollars aprox, and was made from recycled materials, mainly aluminium and steel. The gripper was poured of resin and hand machined with a dremel to give the final finish.

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Very cool!
Joachefor, is this intructable practical? Can a 15 year old do this own her own?
Jochefor (author)  avergara lopez1 year ago
hello, Actually it is practical. I am 21 years old and I began my projects when I was 13 so I think this is a project a 15 year old can do without any trouble.

It was hard to us to develop this because there is no other project we can take ideas from, but now we have here all the tools to make it so it should be easy to continue developing this idea :)

p.d. if you want the code please ask for it in and I can send it to you. Or search for it in my webpage
Cool invention, but on your first sentence you said "know" which should be "now". Sorry to point that out, but grammar was my fav in high school. So just wanted to let you know (not now.) See. :) I do love your idea and maybe it can help out our U. S. Military troops that come home with their injuries!! God Bless!!
Jochefor (author)  okiegirl8131 year ago
Thanks for the correction, I'm Mexican so I try my best to express myself in English but sometimes I don't know how to say some things :P If you detect other errors please let me know.
Jochefor (author)  Jochefor1 year ago
O and also I hope this project help someone. If we help just one person we reach our goal already. We are hoping this will help soldiers, injure persons or people that born with some limitation. :)
mgingerich1 year ago
This is awesome!