This is the simple trick to protect your mobile from being stolen or slip in crowd by mistake of by thieve, snatcher, or pocket picker.

For this you just need a mobile with mobile cover and a strap with crocodile clip at one end and metal popper button another end.

You can use the same trick while keeping the mobile in pocket, bags, or purse.

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<p>Great idea and I like that I could use the idea in a jacket.. The only problem I can see is if a really clever thief steals your trousers!</p>
<p>lol !! next time I'll give an easy idea to protect the trouser from thief.</p>
<p>If I need to have easy and fast access I can use basically the same type of device, except its the one with a retractible cord.</p>
<p>my friend and I tried to test how much time we need to attend the call if the mobile is attached. And it was fast</p>
<p>Great idea!</p>
<p>I am gonna try it on this weekend</p>

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