Protect Your Home With Laserbeams!





Introduction: Protect Your Home With Laserbeams!

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Here is an easy to make and powerful laser alarm system that can protect your entire home, indoors or out! My inspiration for this project came from Brad Graham & Kathy McGowan. Watch the video for details and the Test Results. You'll be impressed. I hope you enjoy this Instructable.

Step 1: What You Need...

1. 2 small project boxes
2. 1 1000uF 35v Capacitor
3. 1 5K Variable Resistor
4. Photocell
5. IC Board
6. 9v battery and clip
7. 1 N3904 Transistor
8. Toggle switch
9. Small mirrors
10. HandiTak
11. 12v DC Piezo Siren - 102dB
12. Aixiz 650nm 5mw 12X30mm laser
13. Aixiz 3.2v AC Adapter

Step 2: Build the Circuit

Build the circuit based on the diagram. I cut my IC board with a dremel to make it smaller so there was enough room in the box along with the 9 v battery.

Step 3: Install It...

Install the circuit board and the 9v battery in the hobby box. Line up the photocell at the hole and hot glue everything in place. Also, attach the siren and run the wiring inside the box. Finish your solder connections with the siren.

Step 4: Build the Laser Housing

Cut 3 holes in your second hobby box. One for the switch, one for the laser housing and one small one for the wires from the AC Adapter. Run the wires from the AC adapter in the box. Install the swicth and hot glue the laser in place. Wire the positive end of the AC adapter to the red wire from the laser and wire the negative ends of the laser and adapter to the switch.

Step 5: Tweaking...

Turn on the laser and point it at the photocell box. You will have to adjust the resistor so the photocell is sensitive to the laser pointing at it during the day. At night, when the laserbeam is broken, the siren will sound.

Step 6: Mount the Laser System

Decide where you want your protection, across what doorways and then decide on where you want the laser to plug in and where you want the photocell box to pick up the laser. I used 1" square mirrors (from an arts and crafts store) and HandiTak to mount the mirrors. You could use a more permanent solution for the mirrors. The idea is to angle all the mirrors to the next wall across where you want protection and then have it end up pointing at the photocell.

Step 7: Protection ON

Now when it gets dark and the laserbeam is broken, the LOUD 102dB siren will wail! Hope you enjoy this Instructable!



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    493 Discussions

    Does the siren make a loud enough sound! We would like to eventually uses it for a laser game. please help.

    It would be great if some one could create a demo on youtube displaying the actual project. like step by step. My son and I would like to make this project for the children at my job. Boys and Girls Club and it appears very difficult. Or if someone could walk me through it with baby steps. please need this project before monday
    Also where can i find the materials? It would be nice to shope at one store. someone please help.

    This a correct schematic

    image laser.jpg

    Laser Alarm Schematic.jpg

    this is the correct skematic just swap the led for a realy or buzzer

    if you wont the circuit to detect darkness instead swap the ldr and variable resistor places

    10 replies

    hi, your skematic works well with led or buzzer for example but doesent activate relay for some reason, somebody noted that its AC and for that the realy doesent work. i tried to convert it to DC with four diods but this didnt help either. can somebody please help ?

    oh, i just tested out this skematic and it worked fine :), used 5k ohm pot and 2n3904 transistor, thanks alot for that

    ok also wat current is used to hold the really open maybe the electro magnet needs more current then the transistor can supply

    this might be the problem, it says 1A on it but i dont know if its min or max current for this relay to be functional