Step 1: What you need...

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1. 2 small project boxes
2. 1 1000uF 35v Capacitor
3. 1 5K Variable Resistor
4. Photocell
5. IC Board
6. 9v battery and clip
7. 1 N3904 Transistor
8. Toggle switch
9. Small mirrors
10. HandiTak
11. 12v DC Piezo Siren - 102dB
12. Aixiz 650nm 5mw 12X30mm laser
13. Aixiz 3.2v AC Adapter
umar abbas4 years ago
hey can i use this variable resistor....
umar abbas4 years ago
plz help me ....... when i connect the circuit it didn't works .... i change my materials two time still its not working ... also i make it on printed circuit board but still not working ... hope for any help
lazarzoltan4 years ago
from where can i get the photocell peoples?????
zysolyn4 years ago
Hey guys I saved about $10 when i cracked open my old VCR. inside were tons of capacitors (one of which was 1000uF) and a bunch of other goodies.
Parkourkids5 years ago
how do i put thiings on the circuit board? im 13 and i got all the stuff but dont know how to put it on the circuit board to make it work?
bill1295 years ago
i have get all the things from radioshack but where can i get the laser?
harry88 bill1295 years ago
i got mine from a laser measaure
mayday2955 years ago
 Any Idea an estimate of the price for all this? Assuming I got some good deals on the stuff (not looking to just buy it all from radioshack, etc.) 

kenverzets5 years ago
wich is a handitak
this is handitak it's like an supper glue
luudvig5 years ago
Can I use a 1000 uf 10v Capacitor?
92600745 years ago
what is the spesification of photocell can i use ane photcell available in market?
hockeyman126 years ago
After the laser beam gets broken will the siren keep sounding or turn off?
rockandjay6 years ago
Hey man Radioshack doesn't sell a 5k variable resistor but will a 10k work?
yes, I belive a 10K will work
Jasper.tm6 years ago
Can someone please send a detailed photo of the IC Board with all the components fitted on it? When i connect my Battery, the alarm just keeps making sound... :(
Could someone give me the specification for the Photo cell please?
sjumper0076 years ago
hope this makes this diagram easier to understand
Picture 2.jpg
sorry for asking this but I'm 13 and I am really into stuff like this but have no clue where to get any of the following stuff: 1000uF 35v Capacitor 5K Variable Resistor IC Board N3904 Transistor 3.2v AC Adapter I know that I can find most of the other stuff at radio shack have the photo cell (from a nightlight) and a laser pointer which I can wire up rather than using batteries.
radioshack has this stuff
i think you can get some of the stuff from digikey.com and the adapters from aixiz website too i'm not sure so ya
i also dont wana have 2 use the internet to find this stuff. i like going to regular stores. eg:radio shack
jameskirk6 years ago
Where would I get a 5K Variable Resistor??? All Radio Shack has is a 5 K Linear-Taper Potentiometer... Thank You
which one is the photo cell? please reply soon
hotung6 years ago
Hi, Iam Tung, Robotics student from Singapore. ur project is very interesting.I just hv some question to ask u abt the component and the schematics as well. 1. Is this the photo cell and the LDR (light dependent registor) same? If not, may u tell me what is the photo cell. 2. The laser , can i use the laser pointer? 3. Refer to the schematics, i dont why form the 9v battery go out 3 wires (in fact, it hs only 2 wires....1 for+ and 1 for -) I am looking to hear form u soon. Thanks
Sparklesam6 years ago
Where would you get that ac adapter?
Sparklesam6 years ago
where would you get those project boxes?
wolfy026 years ago
I tried connecting this up with the schematic you have posted but to no avail and multiple tries and configurations did it work. perhaps show the way you actually soldered it to give more insight?
sabre wolfy026 years ago
ya. just by looking at the layout I'm pretty sure the pot is hooked up incorrectly.
wolfy02 sabre6 years ago
I actually fixed the issue and cheated a bit. I took one of those solar nightlights from the local retail giant(obvious?). and removed the LED from the light and put on a speaker. now when the laser is broken it sounds off the alarm. The issue I'm working with now is getting a relay wired in so that you have to manually shut off the siren. I'll try making an instructable if anyones interested. Be warned, It might take me some time to do it, but just leave me a msg on here and i'll let all know when i post it. Also the great thing about the night light, no batts! only thing that takes batteries is the laser module.
cris54957 years ago
hi , I did all the steps and does not work how i did wrong???
wethecom7 years ago
you can get a photo cell out of hp printers ...nice hp hack i did it had a photo cell on a board all by its self with wireing...but otherwize google it ..i have found many many photo cells in the strangest places ...i know you can get a photo cell from one of thos little night lights that turn on when you go near it
kasper00897 years ago
where can I get a Photocell. Can they be bought at radio shack?
bubbz7 years ago
Just so you know, if your looking for a place to buy materials, there's a place i go called "Active Components" They arn't everywhere but they have alot of locations. They sell everything you need for this and way more. try there site at active123.com
would a 12volt ac adaptor work or does it have to be 3.2volts?
PCFD237 years ago
I don't want to sound stupid but where in the world do you but this kind of stuff because I think it would be awesome to make but I just don't know where to get the material
could tou just use the laser froma laser pointer
what resistance do i need for the photocell?..and what does the v. resistor do?