Protect Your Laptop With Foam


Introduction: Protect Your Laptop With Foam

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My new JanSport laptop backpack fits me great and has padding on four sides of the computer. I realized, however, that there was virtually no protection at the bottom of the laptop sleeve. Fortunately, I found a quick fix.

For this hack, you will need:
-1 chunk of foam , about .5" thick.
-Exacto knife or razor

Step 1: Gather Materials

I had a box for a nice pen from which I harvested the foam. (I use the box to hold my Sharpies now.) Just find/cut a piece about half an inch thick(1.25cm) and the same width as your laptop.

Step 2: Add Voids

I use a Logitech wireless mouse because it uses a nano receiver dongle. I like it because I can keep it plugged into the computer at all times so it won't get lost. However, if I were to drop my backpack, the protruding receiver would take all of the force of the impact. This could possibly damage my computer more than if there was no receiver attached.

If you have any protruding elements attached to your computer, you'll want to cut a hole in your chunk of foam to accommodate them. I got lucky and had a piece of foam with a hole already in the center.

Step 3: Insert Foam

Just drop your foam piece into the bottom of your bag. If you want it to be extra secure, add a loop of duct tape to the bottom of your foam.

Step 4: Done!

That's it! Now your laptop will be protected from vertical impacts.

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    Nice Instructable. What model is that JanSport bag?

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