Protect Your Stuff


Introduction: Protect Your Stuff

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Hello, in this Instructable, I will be showing you how to protect your items you put in your chest. It's a sort of expensive way to protect your things, but it works pretty well....... or not.

You will need:

-169 Planks or Stone Blocks

-Stone Pressure Plates or Plank Pressure Plates

-A Chest

-169 TNT

Step 1: Servers

Some MineCraft servers will allow you to make a sign and put it right over a chest and it will say something like, "Locked [*YOURUSERNAME*]".

Step 2: Digging and Placing Blocks

Now to start making the trap, dig a hole in the ground 2 meters(blocks) deep and 13x13. Place on the entire bottom your 169 TNT. Then cover the surface with stone or planks and put a chest in the middle.

Step 3: Pressure Plates

Then surround the chest in Pressure plates and put obsidian over the entire thing.



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    I didn't think through that you could break the pressure plates............. So yeah......