Step 8: Add the velcro

Picture of Add the velcro
Velcro on the outside pockets makes them secure enough to hold your tech.

Cut four velcro strips (two pieces of hook side and two pieces of loop side) about 1.5 inches by 1/3 inches. I used this long skinny size because it closed off more of the pocket opening, and because it fit perfectly behind the top pocket seam, meaning I didn't have to show any of my stitches through onto the front of the pocket where the velcro attaches - I can put all my stitches on the backside of that seam (picture two).

Thread a handsewing needle with some thread (preferably matching the velcro or the denim) and attach the velcro however you wish. Put lots of stitches in to make sure the velcro can hold on through the stress of hundreds of rippings apart. I took my first stitch through the denim to anchor the knot, then used small whipstitches.

After you attach one velcro strip, do your best to line up it's mate, pin it in place and sew it on. Do the same with the other pocket and...