Protect Your Tablet Using Muffins!





Introduction: Protect Your Tablet Using Muffins!

Thats right, protect your tablet from falling while you watch your favorite videos with this free Tablet Stand. All while enjoying a treat, saving money and protecting the environment by recycling!

Don't risk a broken screen by leaning your tablet or fumbling with it while trying to enjoy a movie, instead go grab a six pack... of muffins!

Step 1: Materials & Tools

All you need is:
-Muffin Box or carboard (15" x 8")
-Gorilla Tape

Step 2: Fold the Cardboard

Starting from the left, make inward folds at approximately 2", 4.5", 8.5", 12.5" the last of which goes outwards. Check out the first picture.

Now fold your carboard to make a triangle shape using the inward creases. See second n third pictures.

Step 3: Tape It & Done!

I use Gorilla Tape because in my opinion its the best. You can use any brand of tape as long as it holds.

Run tape along the bottom. See first picture.

Lastly run tape along the sides to keep the lip sticking upwards. Second n third pictures.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Sit back and enjoy your favorite movies!

I'm entering this Free Tablet Stand into:
"Papercrafts Contest" "Homemade Gifts Contest"
"Protected Contest"
Because its a great homemade gift which protects your Tablet, our Environment, and your savings!




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    Don't forget the money saving contest! These stands are expensive.

    Wooow, cool...... I think it would be better if you recolor or cover the cardboard with pattern paper maybe.. hehehe

    Get a tablet stand and yummy muffins to eat while you watch a movie. Bonus!

    Ha ha! Nice work on the tablet stand. Gotta love those tasty costco muffins!

    1 reply

    Yea haha right on bro!

    This is genius! I have a clam case for my iPad (which is around $120 I think). This would probably work very well! Thanks for sharing!