A friend of mine gave me a rusty old boning knife and I thought it would serve very well as a fillet knife. I cleaned it up and built a new handle from a deer antler for it. As I admired it, I thought about building a sheath to protect it; as well as trying to make an Instructable at the same time. Online instructions are numerous, but vague; I'll try to explain how I built mine in more detail. This project cost me nothing except for minor costs for gluing and finishing products I already had on hand. The Black Walnut was given to me free of charge as someone had cut it for fire wood (what a shame)!!! I tend to keep a lot of stuff around, that I sometimes find a use for. I am quite used to making something just to keep busy; "on a shoestring"! 

Step 1: Gather Material

I love black walnut and as I have a little on hand, I rough cut a few pieces and selected one 1/8" thick for the front and another 3/16" thick to back this project. The tools and supplies used are as follows:

Rechargeable drill
Band saw
Router with 1/8" radius cutter with bearing
1" belt sander
Various chisels (including 1 re-purposed 1/2" chisel I use for carving concave areas and other detail work)
Various grits of sandpaper (150 to 400 grit)
Exacto knife
Various marking pens and my favorite pencil
Rubber contact cement for leather
Cyanoacrylate glue (extra thick, slow setting)
Clear fuel proof epoxy
Brown sharpie (because I don't have brown thread and twine on hand)
Paraffin wax
beautiful and very well made scabbard and very good instructible too...i will certainly try this technique when making knifes as a scabbard makes a much nicer product :D one of the best 'ibles ive seen :) you should try making another but with engravings or burns on the wood though it does look good simple you could put your stamp on it
Thank you very much bcavaciuti, I'm glad you liked it but i think if I stamped it now; it would probably shatter LOL. It does have my mark on it in ink, but wait a minute!... No, it didnt work on the leather because it is too supple. Oh well... Thanks again, djokimaki
Marvelous, and very well made. For future reference, a soft blade container made, say, of leather or fabric, is called a sheath, whereas a hard blade containter such as this one, is known as a scabbard. Overall, though, most excellent!
Thank you Ninja for the info, had no idea about the difference. I thought scabbards were for swords! Thanks also for the compliment. I am making a makers mark stamp now (its in the oven tempering now), and will put it here very soon!
Will it work with Talwar (curved Indian type of sword) .....??coz it is pretty much curved and i afraid it wont get inside of scabbard as easy as straight sword will....
handle then it will look kind of like a aolid peice of wood thanks for tje idea
handle then it will look kind of like a aolid peice of wood thanks for tje idea
this is just me im not a big fan of stag handles just my opinion<br>have a damascus blade and came here for ideas on handles i have black walnut wood and think i am gonna a sheath like the same
<p>now THAT is the way to do a wooden scabbard.</p>
<p>Very nice project. I will trying this out very soon. I will be lining the inside of mine with fur soaked in mineral or gun oil. Oils the blade before and after each use. </p>
<p>Thank you - very well</p>
like the post &amp; appreciation of black walnut!!
In the kitchen we/Japanese call them sayas as a universal term for a wooden knife guard that has a pin to secure the guard to the heel of the knife.
nope. sheath and scabbard are practically synonymous. Either can be made out of any material. Fact check.
very nice- I might have to try this myself some time.

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