Introduction: Protect Your IPhone / IPod Sync Cable

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You know sometimes we have destroyed our precious iPhone cable?
No More!

Step 1: What Do You Need?

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1. IPhone cable
2. Simple Pen

Step 2: Now What?

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Break the pen and remove the spring from it.

Step 3:

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The spring has to be rotated around the cable connections area .
you must to rotate the spring to the end to create a perfect protection.

Step 4: That's It...

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For the best protection it has to be done on both sides of the cable.
Now the cable and the connections will maintain over time and save the cost of a new cable.



d65vid (author)2015-09-17

I did this for my wife's iPhone charger. It worked great for several months but then the cord started to fray where the spring ended. Guess I need to find a longer spring.

harilalvislavath (author)2015-08-02

Can we made our own iPad mini cable

dolphin1988 (author)2015-07-07

Cheap and elegant solution :

ivyyap0215 (author)2015-04-23

made it ^^

aleibler (author)2015-02-06

And now, another version of the solution to choose from! ;-)

amandar25420 (author)2014-12-08

Apple will replace the cable during your first year .... I've had mine replaced twice since Feb 2014 at the Apple store

OllieN (author)2014-11-22

Here's a better solution than pen springs:

fast29 (author)2014-06-19

It's called a strain relief , it helps from fraying the cable Apple is notoriously known for this, good instrucable

mandttberry (author)2014-01-29

Best idea ever, I've gone threw probabialy 15 iPhone cables because of shorted out ends!

freepancho (author)2013-09-09

This is great I always break my headphones at the jack and I will use this for them, thanks!

Mindmapper1 (author)2013-07-30

This is a good idea except that it could short out the connections and stuff upi your ipad or iphone. I have used sugru on mine for cable repairs.

momo1998 (author)2012-11-26

omg thank you so much i am almost through my second cable this helped so much!

Gabse (author)2012-11-20

it works Thanks!

petitfonfon (author)2012-10-18

Nice and easy... :-)

786Ayesha (author)2012-09-22

Hi Ornevo,
This is a very good tip.Thank you very much for posting.I tried it out on my cables,works well.I guess you deserve a price.All the best.

ornevo (author)786Ayesha2012-09-22

thank's! :-)

Ricardo Furioso (author)2012-09-18

I have been using sugru, but this solution is simpler and recycles junk ballpoint parts. Bravissimo.

fungus amungus (author)2012-09-11

This is a pretty cool trick

ornevo (author)fungus amungus2012-09-11

Thank you!

oldmicah (author)ornevo2012-09-11

Awesome hack. Though it's not sync cables that die a horrible death, but headphones. Looking for a dead ballpoint pen now!

bowmaster (author)oldmicah2012-09-14

It help a lot if you never wrap it tightly. I just unplug them, make a loose bundle, and shove them in my pocket. I do have to take a few seconds to untangle them sometimes, but I've gotten really good at it as a result.

oldmicah (author)bowmaster2012-09-14

Good thought, but my problem can be summed up with one word. Doorknobs. I'll be listening to music or audiobook, and innocently walk by a doorknob and wham, the cable catches.

curious youth (author)oldmicah2012-09-15

slip it between your shirt and your body

hammertong (author)curious youth2012-09-17

That's the way I do it, & my relationship with doorknobs has never gone sour.

Yaiy (author)2012-09-17

Thanks so much! It's rescue my all cables!

ZaneEricB (author)2012-09-14

Sometimes there are instructibles that just make you say...duh!

Nice job!

Orngrimm (author)2012-09-14

Cool. Just cool!
simple and efficient! Like the idea and will incorporate it in other cables which often break... (I dont have an iPhone)

renegadezombies (author)2012-09-13

You sir are gentleman and a scholar. 10/10

carlos66ba (author)2012-09-12


ornevo (author)carlos66ba2012-09-13


Tzabary (author)2012-09-13

genius! I can't wait to try it myself! 5/5

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