After using Backtrack-Linux for a long time, I found out how easy it was to compromise anyone's security. I also noticed how ill-informed people where about how easy it would be to do. So, I decided to create a guide about some of the biggest threats on personal security, to help people protect themselves.

This guide is an expansion on a PDF guide I created, to make it simpler to follow.   (The PDF file, read it) 
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Step 1: PDF files

Picture of PDF files
PDF files are very insecure, and can easily get you infected, if the PDF is from a malicious person.

Examples of what an attacker could do:

1) Using metasploit, add a hidden payload to the PDF, containing a Trojan virus.
2) You open the PDF, and your computer is infected without you even knowing.

NOTE: Antivirus software can only detect known viruses. If someone create a custom coded virus, and somehow gets it on your computer, no antivirus software will detect it.

Have you tried any software instead?

Instead of going through steps, why not download software. I use Data Protecto and it has been running fine. All i have to do is click and my files get encrypted. I can also lock my folders with the same software Data Protecto so why go for complicated steps which i might forget at some point of time. Guys try Data Protecto instead.

tkemp21 year ago
Please tell me you change the default root passwd on your backtrack box
Stuffses (author) 3 years ago
Personally, I like Google chrome for its minimalistic interface that still has lots of hidden features. And it looks pretty.
thegeeke3 years ago
I have to disagree about Chrome. (Granted; it's better than IE, but then that doesn't take much... does it?) I find firefox to still be the best browser. It doesn't slow down the computer like Chrome, and I like the interface better.

That's just my opinion... which is worth what you paid for it. ;)

Other than that... good instructable. These are all great practices.
kikiclint3 years ago
Remember people- Targeting people who use Internet explorer is a crime of discrimination against the not so smart. You shouldn't take advantage of them just because they are easy to take advantage of.