Alpine Ski Helmet Bag

I just bought a very expensive Ski Helmet and it didn't come with a protective covering or tote. I know it will take some abuse from skiing but I did not want any damage when storing it or transporting my new Helmet to and from many ski areas. So I set out to make a cool looking and protective bag and wanted to share it with you. It works and it was EASY! It would make a great gift for your favorite skier too!

Step 1: Getting and Preparing your Materials

Getting your Materials.

Find cheap durable Materials

I was going to use some old utility clothing until I found some great stuff at Wal-Mart. I found all of my material in the remnants area (Left over pieces) in the craft department.
Three types of material were used, Black Fleece, White Nylon, and a Felt-like/nylon backed Orange piece. (OLD SCHOOL TECNICA COLORS) I had them cut a yard in each material. I also bought a 2 pack of cord stops, a spool of black thread and some fine cord.

I spent less than $10 for everything!

Preparing your Materials.

1 1/2 yards of material (I used 3 different types of material of a 1/2yd. each)
Sewing Machine
Cord Stops (only one needed)
And a Craftsman Tape Measure (It must be a Craftsman) Due to the exact measurements needed. ;-)

I am a novice at using a sewing machine and I thought this was a fun and easy project!

So let's get started...
Sweet set of bags!
Christy, Can you tell me why this instructable is not a finalist? I had checked in at 11:45 PST and when I sorted them by votes it was on the first page??? My friends on the west cost said they were having problems voting and were sending me emails with the number of their vote, and from the times of their emails the votes were going up and down. With the last email I received, the number of votes I had was back down to the number of votes I had that afternoon???? Why was I sabotaged? What’s up?
Look's Cool!!! I want one!
Great idea!!!
I think it is a WINNER!
Looks great!
I can voucher for this great bag. I saw it in person and its a doozy!! Quality workmanship, from a quality guy. If you knew me, you'd know, I only speak the truth!!.
My helmet came with a bag. However, I like the one that you made even more. Looks great!!

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