Protein Packed Grilled Breakfast Burrito





Introduction: Protein Packed Grilled Breakfast Burrito

I eat this every single morning, its a perfect protein and carb fueled breakfast that tastes amazing!

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

3 eggs, spinach wraps, spinach leaves, mushrooms, shredded cheese, and veggie burgers (i use these because they are quick and easy, and packed full of protein)

Step 2: Crack Your Eggs

I crack my eggs into a bowl and ad a little milk for fluffiness

Step 3: Scramble

Scramble your eggs then set aside

Step 4: Mushrooms

Fry up your mushrooms in butter flavored cooking spray

Step 5: Spinach

Add the spinach leaves

Step 6: Cook

Stir and toss your mixture until the spinach wilts

Step 7: Prepare Your Meat

I use two veggie burgers, place them onto a microwave safe plate and microwave on high for 2 minutes

Step 8: Shred

After the burgers are heated through, shred the meat

Step 9: Add

Add the mixture to the mushrooms and spinach

Step 10: Scramble

Scramble the eggs

Step 11: Mix

Mix in the veggie burger/mushroom/spinach mix into the eggs

Step 12: Cheese

Mix in shredded cheese

Step 13: Stir

Stir over low heat until the cheese is melted, i normally turn the burner off and use the residual heat to finalize the mix

Step 14: Wrap

Place the wrap on a dish

Step 15: Add

Add the mixture to the wrap

Step 16: Fold

Fold the wrap, i fold it like a burrito, i fold the sides in first, then roll it over

Step 17: Grill

I use a George foreman grill like a panini press

Step 18: Cook

I close and press the wrap and cook until crispy

Step 19: Remove

Remove the wrap

Step 20: Cut

Cut the wrap in half, let cool and enjoy!


Nutritional information:
Calories: 846
Protein: 66
Fat: 45
Carbs: 36

You can always lessen the fat and calories by cutting back on ingredients, but i eat around 4000-5000 calories a day in preparation for the gym.

Step 21: A Little Bit About Me!

I eat healthy like this for a reason, i have become and avid weight lifter, before i became a healthy eater i ate garbage all the time, i weighed 350lbs, 50" waist and size XXXXL shirts, I now weigh 200, (smallest was 160) have a 32" waist and wear size large shirts. Anyone looking to eat healthy and be fit can do it!!!



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    Awesome job!! There shouldn't be anything that you can't do with that mindset!! No excuses folks!! Job well done, sir! Job well done!!

    Amazing transformation! If ya can put up some exercise techniques that are easy and burns most calories plz.. Trying to lose and tone but really hard with two toddlers :/ thank you

    Thank u! Good luck on your lifestyle change! If you need any help or encouragement along the way please feel free to hit me up any time!

    Great recipe..cant wait to try as in an starting my healthy lifestyle change...congrats on yr weight loss young man...younlook great!!!

    Haha whatevs man, after i showed u at work u were envious on how good it looked

    eh looks alright

    180lbs in 3 months?! Wow