I eat this every single morning, its a perfect protein and carb fueled breakfast that tastes amazing!

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

3 eggs, spinach wraps, spinach leaves, mushrooms, shredded cheese, and veggie burgers (i use these because they are quick and easy, and packed full of protein)
<p>Yummy, thanks for the recipe</p>
Awesome job!! There shouldn't be anything that you can't do with that mindset!! No excuses folks!! Job well done, sir! Job well done!!
Amazing transformation! If ya can put up some exercise techniques that are easy and burns most calories plz.. Trying to lose and tone but really hard with two toddlers :/ thank you
Thank u! Good luck on your lifestyle change! If you need any help or encouragement along the way please feel free to hit me up any time!
Great recipe..cant wait to try as in an starting my healthy lifestyle change...congrats on yr weight loss young man...younlook great!!!
Haha whatevs man, after i showed u at work u were envious on how good it looked
eh looks alright
Yup yup
180lbs in 3 months?! Wow
It tastes awesome
Its looks delicious!! Is it good?
Fad diets*
I struggled with it all my life brother, but i finally snapped and just did it, my only secret is to buy a punching bag, hitting a punching bag is to me the most extreme form of cardio you can do, think about it, when you throw a punch, your upper body is in motion as well as your lower body, you pivot your feet, twist, turn and punch, its a full body cardio workout, you can burn upwards to 1000 calories an hour, fas diets might work, but if you follow a restricted calorie diet and burn more thank you take in, you are guaranteed to lose weight, trust me, i lost 180lbs in 3 months using this method
I wonder if you have any recommendations to get into shape. I cycle a lot and do a lot of cardio. Eat healthy, though, I can't seem to shed any fat...
I'll be trying this with cooked pumpkin cubes as a variation. Nice idea. <br>Congrats on your w/l too!
Tried this except didn't pre-cook the shrooms and spinach <br>Still delicious and probably a bit healthier
And sweet krazymofo! Congrats!
good recipe bro. im with ya. weighed 285 down to 190. changes your life
Omg u look tasty! I mean the burrito lol
I haven't tried tacos, but i do use them for making quesadillas, i also press them in the foreman too, i got the idea 3years ago on deployment in afghanistan, they had a panini press in our dining facility and i always made hamburger quesadillas on it, so so good lol
Such a cool idea to use the GF grill! I sometimes use veggie patties to make tacos with!!
Thank you holly, i appreciate the kind comments :)
awesome! I LOVE IT _ thank you - you look great by the way!!! I always need more protein.this looks so delicious!
:) thx
This looks so tasty!! Favorited.
Thank you :)
Looks delicious! And congratulations on your body transformation

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