1.  Quick Instructable on how to make a protest sign for a legal protest that complies with all NYPD regulations. 
2.  NYPD regulations stipulate that protest signs cannot contain wood, PVC or metal.  This is to prevent them from being used as weapons.
3.  This sign was made and used in Manhattan, NYC to protest the Vatican's crackdown on Catholic Sisters in the United States. 
4.  The design goals for this project are to be inexpensive, durable, visibly stand out and quick to build.

Step 1: Supplies (mostly From Home Depot)

1.  Small Home Depot box 16x12x12
2.  Orange duct tape
3.  Masking tape
4.  Scissors
5.  5 paint sample cards
6.  About 6 sheets of printer paper (can get from Staples)
7.  String (old boot laces would work)
8.  The rug sample on the left could be discarded. 

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