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Yo vivo en Argentina, y comparto el desagrado de muchísimos compatriotas acerca de las desatinadas medidas de política económica, social y de relaciones exteriores del gobierno de Cristina Kirchner. El día jueves 13/09/12 se realizó una protesta espontánea, convocada vía web, que consistíría básicamente en un cacerolazo. El presente instructable describe el dispositivo que hice para usarlo en vez de una cacerola. Tiene la ventaja de que me salió gratis y es mucho más ruidoso.

Crónica de mi actuación como DESTITUYENTE, GORILÓN, FACHO, CIPAYO y VENDEPATRIA en Plaza Moreno de La Plata. Jueves 13/09/12 de 20 a 21:30

Durante la tarde preparé dos tubos de amortiguadores usados, para no arruinar la vajilla de plata –como corresponde a mi condición de jubilado K–. Llegamos con mi mujer a Plaza Moreno pasadas las 20, y me decepcionó la escasa cantidad de gente que había. No obstante, saqué mis dos amortiguadores y empecé a golpearlos entre sí furiosamente. Estuve una hora y media haciendo Kombo, lo que a razón de 3 golpes por segundo, más o menos, da algo así como 16200 golpes. De los cuales dos me los di en los nudillos y uno en la boca, por suerte con poca o ninguna consecuencia.

Como dije antes, al principio éramos 4 gatos locos, pero al final era una multitud de gente indignada, varias cuadras –seis o siete–de desfile compacto. No había tetrabriks ni choripanes, ni olor a marihuana, ni punteros tomando lista, ni pungas a la vista, ni hileras de micros para arrear gente, ni charcos de meada, ni borrachos, ni vómitos, ni enmascarados amenazantes con palos. Un bodrio, bah.

Me resultaba conmovedor y un poco cómico ver a algunas viejas agitando hojas de carpeta de los nietos, escritas a mano con lápiz de color, con leyendas que se leían a no más de 50 cm de distancia: "MAS DEMOCRACIA", "SEGURIDAD", "LADRONES", etc.

A las 21:30 nos retiramos, porque ni mi mujer ni yo estamos en condiciones de llevar a cabo acciones épicas. Mientras nos dirigíamos a buscar el auto seguíamos escuchando los cacerolazos y bocinazos de apoyo.

Conclusión: seguramente Kris se va a poner más emperrada todavía, va a hablar más seguido por la Condena Nacional, y va a atacar con más saña a los que se oponen al "modelo" porque no quieren a "los que menos tienen". Y todos los aplaudidores de su corte van a sacarse ampollas en las manos, y tendrán calambres en los músculos sonreidores. Pero como dice la canción, "los dinosaurios van a desaparecer". Algún día. Siempre que llovió, paró.

NOTA: el ruido que se escucha en el video es mucho menor al real, ya que por razones obvias no puedo molestar a mis vecinos solo para hacer el instructable.


I live in Argentina, and I share the disgust of many compatriots about the misguided economic policies, social and foreign affairs of the government of Cristina Kirchner.  On Thursday Set 13 2012 there was a spontaneous protest convened via web, which would be primarily a "cacerolazo" (pan coup). This instructable describes the device I made, to use it instead of a pan. It has the advantage that was free, and is far much louder.

Chronicle of my performance as "REMOVER, GORILÓN, FASCIST, SEPOY and TRAITORS" in Plaza Moreno of La Plata. Thursday 13/09/12 21:30 20

During the afternoon I prepared two used cushions tubes to not ruin the silver tableware -as befits my K-retired status. Arrived with my wife at Plaza Moreno past 20, and I was disappointed in the small number of people there. However, I took my two cushions and began to beat each other furiously. I was 1.5 hours making riot, which at 3 beats per second, more or less, giving something like 16,200 hits. Two of which I gave them on the knuckles and one in the mouth, fortunately with little or no consequence.

As I said, at first there were 4 crazy cats, but in the end was a crowd of people angry, several blocks, six or seven, of compact parade. There was no choripanes (sausage sandwiches,) nor wine cartons, nor marijuana smell, nor "pointers" taking list, nor visible thiefs, nor rows of buses to herd people, nor puddles of piss, nor drunkards, nor vomiting, nor masked dudes threatening with sticks. A boredom, bah.

I found it touching and a little funny to see some old women waving folder leaves from her grandchildren, handwritten in crayon, with captions that read no more than 50 cm away, "MORE DEMOCRACY", "SECURITY", "THIEVES", etc.

At 21:30 we left, because neither my wife nor I are able to take epic actions. As we walked to pick up the car, continued listening to the noisy honking support.

Conclusion: Kris is probably going to get who was determined yet, will speak more often by National Broadcast, and will more viciously attacking those who oppose the "model" because they don't love to "those who have less". And all her court clappers will get ampules on their hands, and will have cramps in smiling muscles. But as the song says, "dinosaurs will disappear". Someday. Whenever it rained, it stopped.

NOTE: The noise you hear in the video is much lower than real, because for obvious reasons I can not disturb my neighbors just to make the instructable.


ChrysN (author)2012-09-18

Those are great noisemaker! And I applaud you for standing up for democracy.

rimar2000 (author)ChrysN2012-09-18

Thanks ChrysN. Our president won the election with 54%, but is doing too many wrong things. She ridicules, disqualifies and persecutes those who don't agree with her. And all those around her do nothing but applaud that. We are tired of such disrespect and lack of ethics. They buy journalists and media, cover up serious acts of corruption, they pay for Bolivians and Paraguayans who cross the border and come to vote in Argentina, they use the security money for suborn poor people with gifts. Argentina goes toward Venezuela or Cuba regimes if we keep silent.

You can see these images in the web, and translate the news using Google.

polcipalma (author)rimar20002012-09-19

I'm sory, but I think you're focusing only in 'small things'. Real important things for our country are beeing made.
Surely nothing is perfect, but please try to see that at last Argentine is growing out free, something that many 1st world countries are failing to. Please also note that for centuries many of other argentineans were nearly outsiders in their own country, and they were not respected. This is not the place to, but you ought to demostrate and not only say bullshit all around.
I like your work, and I'm proud you can use it enyoing your freedom.
I'm not worried about Argentina, just the opposite as many others all around the world.
I guess you'd better keep doing what you really know!

rimar2000 (author)polcipalma2012-09-20

Do you really think that having a criminal in the vice presidency is a small thing?
Do you really think that posting false official indexes for years is a small thing?
Do you really think that persecuting those who think differently is a small thing?
Do you really think that foment hatred is a small thing?
Do you really think that corruption is a small thing?
Do you really think that fundamentalism is a small thing?
Do you really think that getting close to Hugo Chavez is a small thing?
Do you really think associated withAngola is a small thing?
Do you really think that an inflation of about 50% per year is a small thing? Yesterday I paid 6 pesos a bottle of carbonated water in January was 3.50.
Do you really think that not pay the trials won by retirees is a little thing?
Do you really think squander social security funds is a small thing?
Finally, do you live in Argentina, or only did you read the news?

polcipalma (author)rimar20002012-09-20

Yes, I live in Argentina on a half year base and the rest of my time in Europe: I'm not a turist right here nor there, and this bring me the opportunity to compare.
I see you're angry about those who don't have your own point of view, just what you're fighting against...
Posting this 'Instructable' show us you're also fomenting other than hate.
You've misundertood my point: I told you to try to think in the whole process, enjoying your freedom to say your thoughts. Did anybody stops you?
No, I do not think those things are to be proud of them: So let's try to change them! What is your particular solution for each of them? Do you have any candidate to be our guide? Did she or he won the elections?
I think everybody hates corruption, ask our Europeans and American friends if they heard about it...
We were a semi-colonnial country since the spanish times. We did everything the W. M. Found 'tell' us to do. I voted to support our new path, which is not easy but I guess is in the right direction.
There are plenty of things to do, but we are on the way.
Thanks everybody to let us talk.

rimar2000 (author)polcipalma2012-09-20

No, nothing did stop me in the "cacerolazo". THERE WHERE NO POLICE in the streets. ¿Is that a good signal for you?

Yes. My hate –I prefer to say indignation– grows day to day hearing the insulting speechs of the president and her applauders. I am not angry about those who don't have my own point of view, as you said. ONLY with this govern in total.

But we are deviating about the matter. You and me should comment only about my noisy device, not about my thinking. That is totally secondary.

Anyway, thanks for your comments.

polcipalma (author)rimar20002012-09-20

Of course if there were no police is a good signal for me!!!,
we citizens are not things to be controlled in the way they use to do. Have a look what is happening in Greece and Spain!
You can take your indignation to the point you want to, but please do not offend the democratic government (and those who voted them) because you simply don't like their philosofy. At least not in this way. And not with my country. Ok?
If you want to talk about a low tech bell you did... why you're explaining all your politics meanings, feelings and all bullshit you did spread?
Respect, it's a matter of respect.
I think we got a lot to learn.
Good luck!

rimar2000 (author)polcipalma2012-09-21

Yes, polcipalma, you are right, this low-tech device is for claim for RESPECT, a bit of respect for us the citizens. Good luck for you, too.

betoblas (author)rimar20002012-10-19

Hi Osvaldo,
Your creativity and inventions are great. I follow all your works since I joined this website, and this is the first time I see someone complaining about the reason why you build or creat something, even if it is for a political purpose.
I will write this in spanish so there is no doubt in my possition:

La creatividad, la educación, la industria y sobre todo EL TRABAJO, es algo que no se fomenta solo regalando dinero a la gente pobre para que la voten, o acomodando familiares en puestos y maniobras politicas.

A seguir trabajando y educando, que ese lo que vos mejor haces, ya que ese es el objetivo de este sitio. Compartir el conocimiento para que todos podamos hacer mejor las cosas.
from Banfield.

polcipalma (author)betoblas2012-10-20

hola betoblas,
si lees atentamente mis comentarios verás que lo que le critico es la ofensa a un gobierno, en un lugar inapropiado y que con esos insultos (al govierno y a quienes lo votamos) no se llega a nada. A mi también me gusta cuanto hace y publica, y no defiendo ciegamente a nadie: conozco la relidad. Insisto en que se obre desde el respeto. En ningún momento critiqué ni su obra ni limité su derecho a manifestarse, cómo y dónde corresponda. Un saludo.

Hi betoblas,
if you read my comments carefully, you will see that what I criticize is the offense to a government, in an inappropriate place, and that these insults (to the government and to those who vote) are not getting us anywhere. Me too I like what he does and published, and do not blindly defend anyone: I know the reality. I Insist that we ought work from respect. At no time did I criticize nor his work nor limit their right to demonstrate, how and where applicable.  A greeting.

rimar2000 (author)polcipalma2012-10-21

Aclarame en dónde incurrí en ofensas y/o insultos. Si así fuera, estaría dispuesto a pedir disculpas, pero NO LO HE HECHO.

Clarify where I committed offenses and / or insults. If so, I would be willing to apologize, but I HAVE NOT DONE THAT.

polcipalma (author)rimar20002012-11-08

I see you do not like my awnser: you simply erase it. It doesn't matter, now I now the kind of guy you are and confirms me your low potencials in other than simply technical matters. God luck!

rimar2000 (author)polcipalma2012-11-09

Polcipalma, I did not delete anything. Must have been the Instructables staff.
Polcipalma, yo no borré nada. Debe haber sido el staff de instructables.

rimar2000 (author)betoblas2012-10-20

¡Gracias Beto! ¿Viste que puse otro sobre quilombófonos?

En el paso 8 hay una lista de razones para cacerolear.

notingkool (author)2012-09-28

Muy buenos osvaldo. Yo ese dia llegue medio tarde a plaza moreno, peor habia muchisima gente. Te felicito por la idea.

rimar2000 (author)notingkool2012-09-29

Bueno, será para el 8 de noviembre, entonces. ¿Qué te parece encontrarnos?
Mi celular es 15-567-9448. Suelo no atenderlo, porque no lo llevo siempre encima.

Gracias por u comentario.

notingkool (author)rimar20002012-09-29

ahi anote tu celular. despues te mando un mensaje para que tengas mi numero. Saludos.

PD: hay que fabricar una corneta de aire comprimido.

rimar2000 (author)notingkool2012-09-30

¿Cómo sería esa cometa? He visto cometas con motor en Youtube, ¿te referís a eso?.

notingkool (author)rimar20002012-09-30

nono, corneta de bocina, bocina de aire. Yo decia algo asi:
Tenia ganas d eponerle a mi bici algo asi, mas que nada por el transito, jajajaj

rimar2000 (author)notingkool2012-10-01

Cierto, esas bocinas son impresionantes. Acá en Instructables salieron varios "ruidófonos" a membrana, voy a ver si son fáciles de hacer.

pfred2 (author)2012-09-20

5 stars because who doesn't like riot gear?

rimar2000 (author)pfred22012-09-23

Fred, this yours comment went unnoticed by me before. I am thinking a new version for the next cacerolazo.

Thanks for be there!

Lefrançois (author)2012-09-22

La liberté ne s'use que si l'on ne s'en sert pas.
Ce à quoi le pouvoir s'oppose c'est à la structuration d'une opposition. Autrement dit ceux qui n'ont pas de pouvoir peuvent protester mais dès que des intellectuels démontrent que les chiffres de l'inflation sont truqués ils sont inquiétés, pourchassés jusque devant les tribunaux, pourtant ils ne disent rien d'autre que ce que dit le FMI. Pareil pour la corruption.
Quand on veut ignorer la politique c'est la politique qui s'occupe de vous et ceci se traduit par la hausse des prix et une ambiance détestable au sein de la société.
L'Argentine va mieux, le temps des dictateurs est fini mais pas celui de l'autoritarisme qui trouve un appui sans faille chez ceux qui ont réussi.
Mais les dictatures n'ont pas disparu toute seule, il a fallu que le peuple s'en mêle et il faut recommencer pour éviter les atteintes démocratiques et défendre au contraire l'extension de contre pouvoirs protégeant une extension des libertés.
Croire que les choses se font toute seule c'est laisser le pouvoir commettre des exactions. Ce n'est pas grave jusqu'au moment où ça vous atteint.

rimar2000 (author)Lefrançois2012-09-23

Lefrançois, today I used your text, but that come for Gmail. The french characters are well, then I could translate it to Spanish a lot better.

Thanks for your comment.

rimar2000 (author)Lefrançois2012-09-22

Lefrançois, thanks for comment, but:

If you write in French I can understand only 20-30% of you say. Google Translator does not help a lot, because all special characters come as rare symbols.

Today I wanted send you a PM "Merci de votre souscrire", but your name does not fit the expected rules of the Instructables System, and this said "Error - member Lefran%/&%ois not found (or so)".

Another more thing: please comment THE DEVICE, not my political ideas, because this site is not suited for these discussion.

Fypsigon (author)2012-09-18

Hi Rimar! It may not be appropriate to post this on instructables because it is about politics, but.... I admire your courage!!!, Sir!

Ninzerbean (author)Fypsigon2012-09-20

People who do not take a stand, who neither agree nor disagree, are responsible for all the blood shed in the world. That is sort of a paraphrase from Atas Shrugged, but the 'ible is about a noise maker, Rimar's reasons for making it are part of the 'story' that every 'ible is supposed to have. It is entirely appropriate.

rimar2000 (author)Ninzerbean2012-09-21

Nina, I omitted to say that your quote from Atas Shrugged is very profound.

It amazes me often how people rages for a football, baseball or whatever game, but remains impassive in the face of the encroachments of those that "cut the cake".

pfred2 (author)Ninzerbean2012-09-20

I ain't responsible for nothing! I'm just hiding in the woods ...

rimar2000 (author)pfred22012-09-21

Thanks Fred!

Clara Campoamor said "La libertad se aprende ejerciéndola" (Freedom is learned by exercising). Today that sentence is the catchword for the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

rimar2000 (author)Ninzerbean2012-09-20

Thanks Nina for your understanding and your concern.

In no way was my intention to cause a problem, but I certainly expected some reactions. Here society is very, very divided, as never in my nearly 68 years I've seen. And we owe that to Kirchners (He and She), especially. I am very worried about our future. That other countries are better or worst, is secondary for me.

rimar2000 (author)Fypsigon2012-09-18

Thanks Fypsigon! My post is not politics, is about how to make a good and cheap noisemaker. If you use it to protest or to celebrate, it is your matter ;)

I'm not brave, I'm just tired and VERY WORRIED for my country.

lord_kian (author)2012-09-21

Una buena actualización seria que para la próxima agregaras unas agarraderas mas confortables, esa ampolla parece que duele y la posición es de las que molesta.

rimar2000 (author)lord_kian2012-09-21

Sí, tengo que agregarles una manguera gruesa como mango. Pero no, esa ampolla no me molesta nada. Gracias por preocuparte. Además, ya un poco más tranquilo de que la protesta va a ser bien masiva, voy a golpear con más intervalos y con menos bronca.


Yes, I have to add to them a thick hose as handle. But no, that blister does not bother me none. Thanks for caring. Also, a little more calm that the protest will be well massive, I'll hit with more intervals and less anger.

DR_JEKYLL (author)2012-09-20

Saludos Señor Osvaldo, soy un seguidor de sus trabajos y por mas simples que parezcan siempre me sorprenden y me divierten, realmente lamento la situación que viven allá en Argentina, acá en México mas o menos estamos por las mismas, aunque en donde yo vivo Mérida Yucatán podría decirse que esta tranquilo. Por cierto me llaman la atención sus mofles jjajajaja, podría ponerles unos mangos hechos de manguera de hule, y tal vez, se me ocurre algún tipo de pantalla deflectora pequeña para dirigir el sonido y evitar quedar medio sordo. Le envío un saludo desde Mérida Yucatán México, por desgracia no tengo mucha oportunidad de documentar mis inventos por cuestiones laborales, pero también me divierto haciendo aparatos, herramientas y cualquier tipo de cosa que se me ocurra, le deseo lo mejor y mucho ánimo.

rimar2000 (author)DR_JEKYLL2012-09-20

Gracias, amigo mexicano! Si lees un poco de prensa independiente argentina, NO LA COMPRADA POR EL GOBIERNO, verás que la situación en nuestro país es más que preocupante. Desde hace años el gobierno viene mintiéndonos con absoluto cinismo –casi preferiría que fueran un poquito más hipócritas–, vaciando la caja nacional de seguridad social, comprando jueces, votos, diarios, radios y TV. Encubren escándalos de corrupción, asesinatos, la inseguridad callejera que es tremenda, mientras anuncian a cada rato obras faraónicas que nunca se llevan a cabo. ES VERGONZOSO. Lo peor de todo es que la oposición no existe, son una manga de inútiles que no son capaces ni siquiera de ponerse de acuerdo. Lo positivo es que la clase media está desertando de su letargo y animándose a ponerse de pie. La semana que viene habrá otro cacerolazo, esperamos que sea más masivo que el anterior.


Thanks, Mexican friend! If you read independent press Argentina a little, NOT that bought by the government, you will see that the situation in our country is more than worrying. For years the government has been lying to us with absolute cynicism –almost I would prefer they be a little more hypocritical–, emptying the national social security fund, buying judges, votes, newspapers, radio and TV. They conceal corruption scandals, murders, street insecurity is tremendous, while all the time they advertised monumental works that never take place. It's embarrassing. Worst of all is that the opposition does not exist, are a bunch of useless that they are unable even to agree themselves. The positive is that the middle class is awaking its lethargy and daring to stand up. Next week there will be another "cacerolazo", hope it will be more massive than the last.

zavala1857 (author)2012-09-19

Hola mi estimado rimar2000, es un placer el saludarte, me da mucho gusto que conserbes el animo de protestar contra lo mal hecho por tù gobierno, sigue adelante, las futuras generaciones te lo agradeceran, te envio un saludo y espero que estes bien y felicidades a tù esposa por apoyarte en la odisea.

rimar2000 (author)zavala18572012-09-20

Gracias, Zabala! "La lucha es cruel y es mucha", pero no todo está perdido.
Un abrazo.

bicobo (author)2012-09-19

El invento me pareció fantastico! Lástima tener que usarlo para expresar disgustos, porque bien merece ese dispositivo ser empleado para demostrar alegría. Tal vez, se le pueda dar uso en el futuro para demostrar alegría con vientos de cambio que me atrevo a creer que el hermano país de Argentina y su pueblo estan necesitando.
Desde Uruguay un aguante GIGANTE!!!! y cabe recordar que la inventiva es infinita y la necesidad tiene cara de hereje.

Saludos Osvaldo.

rimar2000 (author)bicobo2012-09-19

Te contesto vía PM, bicobo.

jpalacios3 (author)2012-09-19

Hola Osvaldo
bonita campana, como te comente alguna vez, yo vivo en Ecuador y estamos muy contentos la inmensa mayoria con nuestro presidente, suponia que algo asi pasaba en Argentina ya que conozco que tienen politicas similares, por supuesto ningun gobierno es perfecto y deben tener ciertas diferencias, una de las mejores cosas aca es la justicia social y la igualdad que se esta tratando de dar a la gente. Es conmovedor saber que america latina se estaba uniendo con lideres como el nuestro y suponia que Cristina tambien, en todo caso ya que no conozco los detalles ni este es un foro de politica les deseamos lo mejor a nuestro hermano pueblo argentino, pero recuerda que
A government big enough
to give you everything you want,
is strong enough to take everything you have.'
Thomas Jefferson
saludos javier

rimar2000 (author)jpalacios32012-09-19

Javier, te contesto vía PM.

marianok (author)2012-09-19

Grande Osvaldo !!! hasta para protestar tenes un invento !!!
Aunque creo que te convendria colocarle algo de goma o cuero en las manijas para evitar esas ampollas !!!

Te cuento que you participe en la de Ramos Mejia, golpeando las manos porque venia de laburar, y eramos unos cuantos tambien (Segun lo que la policia reportaba a su superiores ellos estimaron entre 500 y 600), nada comparado con plaza de Mayo, pero todas las voces cuentan. Y como vos comentas, todo ordenado y en PAZ.
Voy a ver si me preparo algo similar para la protesta del 28/9

Good Osvaldo !!! Even for a protest you have an invention !!!
although I think that you better put some rubber or leather in the handles to avoid more blisters.

I was in the protest in Ramos Mejia, clapping hands because I was returning from work, we were quite a few as well (according to what the police was reporting to their superiors they estimated between 500 and 600). Nothing compared to the one in Plaza de Mayo, but every voice counts, and as you mentioned, everything was in order and really peaceful !!!
I'll try to make something similar for the protest on 9/28.

rimar2000 (author)marianok2012-09-19

Gracias Mariano!

Muy acertada tu sugerencia de agregarles un mango con goma, lo que pasó fue que los hice a las apuradas. Estuve pensando que por ahí me conviene experimentar haciéndole a uno de los tubos una ranura a lo largo, para bajarle el tono. Y tal vez sea mejor soldarlos uno al lado del otro, para golpearlos con un hierro del 8 en forma alternativa. Tengo que hacer pruebas.
Thanks Mariano!

Very successful your suggestion of adding a handle with rubber, what happened was that I made in a hurry. I was thinking that I should try experimenting about making to one of the tubes a slot along, to lower the tone. And maybe it's better welded next to each other, to beat them with iron 8 alternatively. I have to do tests.

ilpug (author)2012-09-18

Nice! A good noisemaker, and sounds like a pretty crazy protest. Here's hoping you win!

rimar2000 (author)ilpug2012-09-18

Thanks ilpug! Please read my answer to ChrysN.

ilpug (author)rimar20002012-09-18

Woah, seems pretty serious. Our American media has not said a single thing about it. As usual.

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