This year after talking it over with my sons we decided to continue with the Mega Man theme costume.  My youngest wanted to wear the Mega Man costume, and my oldest wanted to help me build a Proto Man costume.

I thought it should be pretty easy since they are so similar.  I can use my experience from the Mega Man costume, and make improvements along the way.  The one thing I wasn't going to change was the finish.  I think the fabric (cotton in this case) wrapped components make a great looking real life conversion of cartoons/video games.

This is another lengthy instructable so I will break it down like this:

1. Shield
2. Helmet
3. Proto Buster
4. Boots
5. Gloves & Bracers
6. Suit

The complicated components will each have multiple pages.

Step 1: Shield - Step 1: the Base

The shield is a big change from the Mega Man costume.  I wanted to accomplish a few things with it.  One is of course the recreation of the original.  Next I wanted to make it fairly comfortable for my son to carry for a few hours.  I also thought it would be a great place to put the bag for collecting all his goodies.

It takes me a good bit of time just to find the right materials that will allow me to create what I am looking for.  I had some immediate thoughts about the shield and they turned out pretty good.

I needed something large, made of heavy plastic with a curve to it.  First thing I thought of was a garbage can.  But they don't make that many smooth surface cans, I was in luck with BRUTE.  I was able to get their smallest garbage can.  Although it was a little costly, well worth it, since it worked out so perfect.

BRUTE Garbage Can
Roll of Paper
Plastic Epoxy
Sand Paper

Hole Saw
Utility Knife

After getting all the materials I needed  I made a template from a roll of brown paper that I have.  I took a large piece of the paper and folded twice.  Once along the vertical length and the second time along the horizontal length (like making a paper snowflake).  I drew a line that would make up 1/4 of the shield, then cut.  Unfolded it and had a complete template for the shield.

I then put the template on the garbage can.  Since I wanted the shield to be concave in both horizontal and vertical (and since the garbage can wasn't tall enough to get the shield in one piece), I used 1/2 of the template to cut out the shield.  The thing that I needed to figure out was the bottom edge of the triangle needed to have a curve to it.  So I added an inch to the bottom line, then made a curved line up to the sides of the shield.

After marking the same template on both sides of the can, I cut them out with a hole saw.  The reason I used this was it cut pretty good and fast, and allowed me to make a curved cut.  I then cut a strip that was almost the length of the widest horizontal line on the shield.  This is the bonding strip that I will glue the two pieces of the shield to.

Then sand down all the edges, but they don't have to be clean.  Just get ride of all the burrs.  Also sand the bottom of the triangles (where the two pieces of the shield will meet.  Also sand the surface of the bonding strip.  The plastic epoxy bonds better with a roughed up surface than smooth.

In one of the two pieces cut a  hole out for a lookout.  For this I used the utility knife since I needed a nice clean line.  I had to be careful not to go too hard or else I would over cut.  Not a huge deal as it shouldn't effect the end product.

To attach the pieces make sure you are ready since the drying time is 5 minutes.  Create some kind of a stand that will keep the shield steady.  I held the sides with some scrap pieces of lumber.  The top and bottom were lifted just slightly giving it that concave form.  When you are all set mix the epoxy and apply liberally to the two pieces of shield and the bonding strip.  Work fast since it is a long joint and you only have 5 minutes.
How much did this run you total? Also, did you consider sculpey?
Proto man and mega man are cool
I am SO being Proto Man next halloween.
You're instructable has helped so much with my protoman cosplay. It's radically different varient of protoman but nonetheless your instructable helped a lot dude. I was overengineering my stuff (like the boots and buster). You've inspired me to post my construction of my metal protoman shield. And yes I am crazy enough to lug one around a whole con weekend.
Awesome! Glad to hear it. Let me know when your stuff is up on instructables, would love to see it!
This is E.P.I.C. for: <br>E xcelent <br>P leasent <br>I ncredible <br>C ool/N/awesome
Wondering if you could make a youtube video of this process? or a step by step procedure :D
Ok I know you were trying to make it simple on this but what i would've done is make a switch where everytime you press it one by one the LED's on the power bars i guess you could say would shut off making it look like Protoman was losing power
you can also sew the 2 parts of the shield
amazing! i saw this on revision3 destructoid btw...you should check it out
Thanks :) Yeah, I saw that too. I kind of do this every year on their site.
Always a &quot;mega&quot; winner. Great job. :) Looking forward to watching your latest video of your parade of costumes.
woooooowwww!! i love it!!
Nice job! Megamans got to stick together!
Nice :) I saw yours yesterday! Love the solution!
haha, that was awesome...<br>
This inspires me to make one in my size so badly, once actually tried to make a heat man costume. witch kinda failed.
The helmet looks like it'll last him quite few trick or treats haha, the rest of the costume might need to be redone in the future tho.
It's actually a small youth motorcycle helmet with lots of padding on the inside. It's the right size. Just looks a little bit as a proto man helmet. I actually kinda like the look, it reminds me of powered up.
Oh I didn't see the padding, but if you got some of that out it will last a while, it looks like I wouldn't have much trouble getting my head in there haha.
Epic costume is EPIC!!!!!
This is awesome! Also, I have a question for you. Were Protoman and Megaman both 'good guys'? Been a while since I played Megaman. :)
Thanks! If I am remembering correctly, he was mostly good with a couple of lapses.
awesome, thanks :)
for future referance protoman was created by dr light for the war way before megaman. sadly he lost his memory and is much more powerful than megaman. he has never been evil, the protomen you fight in megaman every now and again or clones made by wily. but aside from that, your plans look awsome great job, i cant wait to start building!!!!
Damn, thanks, yeah I forgot that they were clones. I knew that Proto Man came first, hence why the oldest son is wearing it.
So freaking great! Fantastic job, once again.
And thank you once again ;)
Once again, another insanely well-done costume... I love the all the ingenious things you've done with regular materials. So cool. <br><br>I just can't let my kids see this... &quot;Gee, Dad. Why didn't you make something like THAT?&quot; (I went down the quick and easy road this year.)
Totally awesome!!!<br>I liked the Mega Man costume, but there's nothing better than a costume of a wonderful and awesome looking side character!<br><br>You should enter this in the Halloween contest! It's quite a nice and simple design, along with looking AWESOME!!!<br><br>The only thing is, you should have a yellow scarf to go with it to &quot;complete&quot; the look. Make sure it's thick. Or use a long yellow bandanna. That might work too.<br><br>Great job!
Thanks for your comments. It has been entered in the contest. There is a yellow scarf, it's just not in that main shot ;)

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