Step 11: Proto Buster - Step 1: Shell

This again was built in a very similar fashion as the Mega Man Mega Buster.  The main difference was the extra LEDs at the tip.

32 oz Thermal Mug (from Publix if you have one)
Rubbermaid 2 cup twist top containers
Rubbermaid 1 cup twist top containers
other various round plastic containers

Sand  Paper
Palm Sander
Curved Hobby Scissors

I need the following pieces to make the shell:
Main Body
Bottom of body
Top of body
LED Channel for body
Cloudy window for LEDs in body
Cloudy windows for LEDs in Tip
Main beam LED holder
Cloudy cover for main LED beam

Starting with the mug, I saw off the top (which frees it from its inner lining. Then using a dremel I cut out the bottom, leaving a lip for the next container to attach to.  Then I saw off the handle and smooth everything off.  I take the handle and cut off the curved parts and one side of the handle (length wise so a cross section looks like a "C" and not an "H").  Using a dremel and the handle as a guide, I cut a window in the body for the LEDs.

For the bottom of the body, I use the curved scissors and cut out the 2 cup rubbermaid container.  For the top of the body.  I use a dremel to cut a heavier plastic bowl (it was the only thing I could find that was the right shape and size).  I then used the palm sander to get this to fit better.

I take two kids plastic containers (I forget the brand, but they come in multiple colors and have animals etched into the side).  There were two yellow bowls in the pack, so I use these.  Using a marker, I mark where I want to cut.  The curved scissors do the cutting (they really are needed for cutting these bowls).  I then sand one of them down for the window cover, and the other I cut windows into for each of the 5 LEDs.  I forgot at this point that I would need a way to hold the LEDs in the tip, but I solved this later

Main Beam:
I use two of the rubbermaid 1 cup twist top containers.  Mark and cut.  Then sand the cover down on both sides.

I cut a handle from the thinnest piece of PVC piping I can find.

At this point I have all of the shell components, but given how it needs to go together, I don't glue everything yet.