Step 4: Shield - Step 3: Skinning

Picture of Shield - Step 3: Skinning
For all the skinning in this build XXXL to XL T-Shirts were used.  I had access to very cheap shirts, and was cheaper than getting the fabric from the craft store.  Again this is ideal in this kind of build given the stretchy forgiving nature of the fabric, and to the cute fluffy look you get at the end.

XXXL White T-Shirt
XXXL Red T-Shirt
Red Thread
Fabric Spray Adhesive
3M Super 77 Multipurpose Spray Adhesive

Fabric Chalk

If you did the template for the garbage can right, you can just use that as the template for the white t-shirt.  Cut it out and then use the spray adhesive.  Spray both the inside edge of the shield and the edge of the fabric.  Let it get a little tacky then apply the white fabric to the shield base.

Spray the outlook window and edges from the inside (since the fabric is covering the outlook hole, it is a great way to apply the adhesive without having to worry about overspray).  Next cut the fabric from the outside that is covering the outlook hole.  Cut it in an elongated "X" or ">-<" pattern so there is some fabric on each edge that can but wrapped to the inside.  Roll the cut fabric inside and apply to adhesive.

For the outlook edging just cut a few small pieces of red fabric to cover them.  Spray both the fabric and gap insulation.  Apply fabric to insulation.  Then spray the back of the newly wrapped insulation with more fabric spray, and apply to edge of outlook opening.  Use the red thread and sew the corners together if needed.

As you will no doubt understand by this point, that spray adhesive is messy and a pain in the ass to work with.  This is exponentially worse on this long outer edge tube.  Luckily it also a little forgiving as I had to pull it off and keep setting it bac down till I got it just right.

With that warning out of the way, start by cutting a long strip of cloth.  The width should be enough to cover the tube, and wrap on the inside of the cut opening.  I did this by spiralling up the t-shirt.  Next spray the fabric and carefully lay the tube in the center of the fabric.  What I should have done is marke the center of the fabric with some fabric chalk before spraying it with the fabric spray.  Next pull the fabric half way up both sides of the tube, all the way down.  If you pull it all the way around in one part, then it will start to bunch up (which is what happened to me).  Eventually you want to wrap the cloth to the inside of the tube along the cut that runs the length of the tube.

After you are done with that nightmare, push it onto the shield.  I didn't bother trying to glue this on.  I just decided to sew the top and bottom.  Since the tube fits on so deeply, it holds itself on.