Step 9: Helmet - Step 3: Ear Pieces & Electronics

Picture of Helmet - Step 3: Ear Pieces & Electronics
For the ears I found these perfect rubbery drain covers for like $4. They are supposed to protect your drain from hair going down it.

Drain covers
White Fabric
Fabric Chalk
Spray Adhesive
Rubbermaid 1 cup Twist top containers
Green LEDs
4 AAA Battery Pack
Red & Black wire

Hot Glue Gun
Palm Sander
Soldering Iron

I had to prepare the drain covers by using my dremel to sand off all these little nubby things sticking out of it.  Then I laid the white fabric on top of them and used the fabric chalk so I could cut out the pieces.  Next, using the spray adhesive I attached the fabric to the drain covers.  I added hot glue in places that needed more hold.

The drain covers where so perfect, they even had holes to mount the LEDs in.  I put the LEDs in place and added hot glue for stability (so the LEDs would be facing straight up).  I soldered on some red and black leads to the LED for later installation.  I then cut out the bottom of a small round plastic container, specifically 1 cup Rubbermaid Twist tops.  I sanded them down on both sides (I like this foggy look).  Put hot glue in the hole of the drain covers and dropped the sanded container bottoms into place.

To install, I cut the red fabric from around the hole I had previously drilled into the helmet, and hot glued the red fabric down.   I punched a hole through the styrofoam so the wires from the LED had somewhere to go.  I hot glued the ear pieces to the red fabric so they would sit flush and not fall out.

Next I wired everything up. I needed one resistor at 27Ohms and the switch and battery pack.  For the battery back I cut out a rectangle shaped box out of the back of the helmet in the foam.  This allowed more than enough room for the batter pack.  I didn't glue it in place since the black fabric that came with the helmet would keep it from falling out, and I would need a way to take the batteries out.  The switch just sat in front of the batter pack.  I soldered everything together and hid the wires.  This ended up coming out looking very clean, and I was quite happy with the results.