Step 3: Solder It! Part 1

Solder it!

Time to solder the kit together! If you've never soldered before, check the Preparation page for tutorials and more.

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First, check that you have all the parts! Look over the parts list

Put the two small buttons in. They will snap in and should be flush with the PCB. The buttons are symmetric so don't worry about putting them in backwards!

With your soldering iron, solder each of the 4 points on each switch

Next, place the 6 pin ICSP header. If you're never planning to use an external programmer you can skip this step!

Solder all 6 pins. You may have to tape or hold the part in place or it'll fall out!

<p>I made it, twice. I like to use it, or the perma-proto boards for when I give a demonstration to the Linux users group. I hate it when I'm giving a demonstration and a wire comes loose on a breadboard and I have to troubleshoot with an audiance.</p>
I found the Instructable extremely helpful, thank you.
Just thought I'd throw it out there... If you want your pins to be perfectly lined up, if you have another shield just plug that shield into the pins, then push the pins through the protoshield, then solder<br />
but, to make the other shield, you'll need another shield when building the other shield...
this looks to me that it should be compatible with the Duemilanove...or was this i'ble created before the Duemilanove came out?
You take the best photos =)<br/>

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