Desinged with Blender, printed with Prusa i3 hephestos. Resolution 0.3 or less.

Protoss' pylon with light from Starcraft

Doesn't require any additional support. Print either:

* Pylon-bottom + Pylon-top

* Pylon-top-crystal + pylon-bottom-crystal + pylon-top-support + pylon-bottom-support

The model should be printed with transparent filament.

This 3D model has been designed to be printable without supports, the crystal is hollow so you can put the leds inside.

Either print the pylon-top and pylon-bottom in 1 color (transparent or clear goes well) or crystal-separated and support-separated if you want to print it on different colors.

Step 1: Print STL Files

<p>Awesome work my friend! You got my Vote :D Print a Photon Cannon and a &gt;erg Hatch as well and do a cannon rush :D</p>
<p>Awesome work! Would you be willing to give a link to the model file? :P</p>
Sorry, I forgot to select the STL files, I created a extra step with all the downloadble files.

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